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Two Conservative Lesbians Podcast

July 24, 2014

Recently I (MeredithAncret) and one of Elementary Politics other writers, Erica,  started a podcast entitled Two Conservative Lesbians. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A weekly show with two witty, non-stereotypical, conservative women talking about politics and current events. We would like to encourage Elementary Politics readers to listen in and subscribe to the… Read More ›

MeredithAncret on the Vigilant Liberty Radio Round Table (February 4th)

I always love getting to be on Vigilant Liberty Radio‘s round table. Tonight we discussed the Coca-Cola “controversy” from the Super Bowl and issues of immigration and outreach by conservatives to minority groups. Coke & A Smile! Stephen Kruiser, Brittney Morrett, Meredith Ancret, and Liz Harrison join Allan & Taylor on the Roundtable!

The 10th Amendment is a Gay Right’s Activists Best Friend: DOMA, State’s Rights, and Prop 8

Please show me where the right to dictate social issues is given to the Federal government in the constitution. *crickets* Oh wait, you can’t. The “enumerated powers” of the federal government are spelled out pretty damn clearly in our constitution (article 1, section 8) actually and no where does it mention the right to designate… Read More ›

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