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Obama’s Last Back Stab To Israel

January 2, 2017

Yes, one last jab in the back before he left office.

Brexit, Nationalism, National Sovereignty, Protectionism and other forms of insanity

Brexit won.  Nationalism won.  And why should anyone be worried that something that a fascist like Trump, a racist like Farage, and a tyrant like Putin passed?  I’m sure it will all work out in the end.  In light of Brexit, Trump, Sanders, and other forms of societal suicide words and phrases like nationalism and… Read More ›

Bye-bye Britain

So the Brits made their decision. Brexit it is and I can’t say I’m surprised. Nationalism is on the rise all over Europe and people who support the status quo always tend to stay home anyway so it was expectable. Still I’m disappointed, especially when I see people praising this referendum for bringing back freedom…. Read More ›

Zoabi Thinks Israel is 1930’s Germany

  It’s weirdly fascinating how out of wack the world can be. Today it seems like everything the media publishes is a load of finely woven trash to make you care about an issue and to make you lean a certain way. Not all media is like that of course. But too often stories are… Read More ›

Violence In Israel: The Breakdown

  Violent attacks in Israel. Oh, is it that time of year again? Sure, but this time its not Gaza and southern Israel. For the first time in years extreme violence has irrupted in the holiest of Jewish cities: Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Addresses the UN: And the point was?

Don’t get me wrong, Netanyahu made good points, he’s a great speaker and he was 100% correct. Problem is it doesn’t matter. He was speaking to the UN and they listen in one ear and out the other. A moving and powerful speech left a far-from-full room completely unchanged.

Trust, but Verify: Stop Spreading Misinformation

There’s a video that was a posted a couple of months ago on facebook. It’s making the rounds pretty rapidly right now, I’ve seen it posted probably a dozen times by different facebook friends in the last 2 days alone. Who knows why or when something will go viral, but this video has certainly made… Read More ›

Disclaimer On Website Editorials and Commentary

It’s been brought to my attention that a recent post relating to Caitlyn Jenner and the reality of transgenderism on this site has raised offense. As the executive editor of Elementary Politics I have always allowed editorial freedom from my writers as long as their topics fit within our websites rather loose guidelines of politics… Read More ›

Reaction: Obama admits Peace with Palestinians Not Possible

  Has hell frozen over? Will pigs be flying?  President Obama has, according to United With Israel, it is possible.  In an interview the president gave at Camp David he explains that peace in the near future between Israel and the Palestinians is not possible. But the epiphany isn’t all what it seems.

A 5 Step Guide To A Communism Themed Prom

Students at the Cottonwood Classical Prepatory School in Albuquerque have apparently decided to make their theme for prom this year “Communism”. In light of that I have decided to offer my services as a consultant so that they can get their theme as true to life as possible. Here’s my top 5 elements that this school’s prom… Read More ›

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