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The New and Somewhat Improved Beauty and the Beast

March 24, 2017

    I finally saw it. To some extent, I even enjoyed it. Read my full review. See the spoiler filled review below.

At 20 years old Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remains the Most Conservative Show on TV

So it’s here, the 20th Anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the show, not that movie we never, ever speak of). This has strangely brought out some people who have questioned this blog’s stance that Buffy is the most conservative show in history.  Some liberals have claimed that it is not conservative in any way… Read More ›

Magneto: Agent of Hydra

If my clever title didn’t explain enough, Magneto is apparently teaming up with Hydra because….um….and all this coming from the same liberal nutjob who thought making Captain America a Hydra agent was a good idea. I’m starting to think he has a sickening and unhealthy obsession with Hydra.

Logan: Where Progressive Bitching and Populist Paranoia Meet

Here’s a recipe: 1 part Bernie Sanders style progressivism hatred for patriotism 3 parts Trump populism that hates GMO’s, thinks businesses are all monopolies, hates automation 1 part the terribly pretentious film Children of Men 1 part the over-rated Western Shane 1 part an X-men spinoff franchise that has never made a good movie 50,000… Read More ›

LeFou Was Straight? Could Have LeFooled Me.

Apparently Bill Condon thinks that his masterful decision to make LeFou gay in the live action Beauty and the Beast film is a “watershed” moment. Unless “watershed” actually means “something I’ve known since I was 14”, I think Condon may have missed that memo over a decade ago. In an interview with Attitude magazine, director… Read More ›

Elementary Politics at Phoenix Comicon

The writers at Elementary Politics all have a lot of different obsessions. Some of us read books about the Revolutionary War like they’re going out of style, some of us read Supreme Court case briefs for fun, and others like to argue with people about foreign policy. The one thing we all have in common though… Read More ›

Valentine couples we should aspire to be

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while many people are looking at romantic movies or best fictional couples, here at Elementary Politics we thought we’d do something a little different and look not at necessary the happiest or cutest couples, but the couples we should all aspire to be. The couples where their relationship causes both members… Read More ›

Three books to Read To Understand the Trump Years

  The next few years are seemingly uncharted territory.  Never before has the Oval Office been inhabited by someone who is racist, functionally mentally retarded, morally degenerate, and actively and intentionally working against the best interest of the US all at once.  Sure, we’ve had three of the four but Andrew Jackson and Jimmy Carter… Read More ›

Elementary Politics review of 2016 in film–just about the only good thing in this year.

So this year was good for quality movies but light on honorable mentions, which honestly I can deal with.  But still we miss the magic number of a top 10 movies. I fear we may never get to that magic number, especially since, as we’ll see at the end of the article not too much… Read More ›

Collateral Beauty: Great movie, bring tissue

“Just be sure to notice the collateral beauty.” Okay, so, I can’t really talk about Collateral Beauty due to all the spoilers that would be needed to talk about it in any depth. Short version: Go see it and bring tissues because you will cry.  Also this movie is remarkably clever and funny at unexpected… Read More ›

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