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Alien Covenant: A level of WTF I was not prepared for

May 23, 2017

I went in hoping for some goddamn answers for the disaster that was Prometheus (other than where the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things is located so I can avoid it).  I did not get any answers to those questions.  Got some answers to other questions, like where the Alien we all know and… Read More ›

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Well that was surprising

So before we get into the quality of this film let’s deal with my thinking before going in.  First let’s be honest there has never been a good King Arthur film—from the cocaine fueled insanity that was Excalibur to the bizarre attempt at being historically accurate of the Clive Owen King Arthur (and even the… Read More ›

When People Fail At Understanding Female Heroes

So this isn’t my own critique at how writers handle female superheroes, this is a critique of an article published on Louder with Crowder, written by Courtney Kirschoff titled “Dear Feminist Hollywood: Stop Trying to Make Female Action Heroes a Thing…”

The Zookeeper’s Wife: Good but left me wanting more

The Zookeeper’s Wife is an excellent story of the husband and wife who ran the Warsaw Zoo before the Nazi invasion in Poland and who turned their zoo into part of an underground railroad to get Jews out of the ghettos. Just from that description alone you know it is nearly impossible ruin such a… Read More ›

A Colossally Strange and Unexpected Movie

Last year I had the chance to interview the founders of Legion M, a fan funded film production company, when they were at Phoenix Comicon. So when Legion M announced their first film, Colossal (starring Anne Hathaway), I knew that I had to see it. So I drove half an hour across confusing Scottsdale roads… Read More ›

Split: A Thriller That Put M. Night Back On Top

Split is coming to DVD and you should see it. Buried in that beginning of year series of film releases when most of us avoid going to the movies as we recover from the post holiday madness, a special little film was released: Split. While this movie was box office hit for the season $270… Read More ›

Power Rangers: Cute and Empty

Full disclosure I am a huge Power Rangers nerd. I have seen every season spanning twenty-four years of continuity. I can tell you some behind the scenes trivia and how the PR lore was established and go into long rants about the better seasons, what worked, what didn’t work. So when I heard there was… Read More ›

Phoenix Comicon Update – Panels Are Scheduled!

While our staff are still waiting to receive our media credentials, we do have some exciting news for our readers. Meredith and Cris, our executive editor and entertainment editor respectively, have had both their panels for Comicon approved and placed on the schedule for May 26th and May 27th. On Friday, May 26th, Cris and… Read More ›

The New and Somewhat Improved Beauty and the Beast

    I finally saw it. To some extent, I even enjoyed it. Read my full review. See the spoiler filled review below.

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