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The GOP Tax Plan Won’t Bring Economic Boost…But A Flat Tax Would…and other thoughts about taxes.

November 9, 2017

  So, taxes are coming up in the failure that is the Trump presidency. Now if you think that meaningful tax reform will come out of this excuse for a presidency, please contact me as I have some lovely bridges to sell, and a few skyscrapers to boot. But let’s deal with what real tax… Read More ›


A single plan to eliminate the corruption of the IRS, the problems of taxation, and completely reform welfare

We were told four years ago that 17 million people went to bed hungry each night. Well that was probably true. They were all on a diet. But now we’re told that 9.3 million families in this country are poverty-stricken on the basis of earning less than 3,000 dollars a year. Welfare spending [is] 10… Read More ›


Top 10: The Worst of the Worst in Government Waste for 2013

The “Wastebook” is a yearly publication by Senator Tom Coburn, which shares with the public some of the most egregious and laughably stupid expenditures of American tax dollars. This years contained 100 items, totally around $30 billion. Here’s my choice for top ten most ridiculous. #10 – The Million Dollar Bus Stop Somewhere in Arlington, Virginia there… Read More ›


Obamacare is the “Law of the Land”: Yeah, So?

It’s hysterical when liberals say this, in a voice that may possibly be the whiniest I’ve ever heard. “Obamacare is the law of the land, stop trying to overturn it, this is the way things are, just accept it!” Uh-huh. Here’s some other things that used to be the law of the land.* The clause… Read More ›


Obamacare Wedding Tax: Now No One Will Want To Get Gay Married*

I was reading an article from PJ Media yesterday on the Obamacare Wedding Tax and I found the entire thing fascinating and a bit disturbing. First of all, it’s a repeat of what social welfare programs under “The Great Society” did to the low income community several decades ago. If you know anything accurate about… Read More ›


War On School Choice

I can hear your long drawn out sigh already. “She’s writing about education AGAIN?!” Yes, yes I am. Now sit down, shut up, and listen before I hit your knuckles with a ruler. Advertisements


The Only Thing Worse Than an Audit is a Colonoscopy; Now You Get Both from the Same People

Putting the IRS in charge or Obamacare seems like a mistake of epic proportions, especially with the recent knowledge that the IRS has been harassing Tea Party groups, pro-constitution groups, pro-life organizations, Pro-Israel, and religious institutions. I foresee the following happening. Patient to Obamacare IRS office: I need medical attention. Obamacare IRS office: Yes, I can help you with… Read More ›


Accidents Happen

By now you’ve probably heard about the 5 people who were accidentally wounded at 3 different gun shows yesterday. Liberals on twitter and at Think Progress (the name of which always amuses me, as it assumes that the people there actually think)  are having a field day with it already. Liberals are saying “witty” things like:… Read More ›

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