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The GOP Tax Plan Won’t Bring Economic Boost…But A Flat Tax Would…and other thoughts about taxes.

November 9, 2017

  So, taxes are coming up in the failure that is the Trump presidency. Now if you think that meaningful tax reform will come out of this excuse for a presidency, please contact me as I have some lovely bridges to sell, and a few skyscrapers to boot. But let’s deal with what real tax… Read More ›

The Solution to all Long-term Problems of Immigration

So the Trump team this week rolled out another idiotic plan, this time to lower the amount of immigration to the country.  Despite the fact that immigration itself is always a benefit and the lack there of is always a detriment, the Trump team as usual doesn’t deal with facts.  Since the sane argument would… Read More ›

Benefits of the UBI Beyond the Obvious

So the process and obvious benefits of the universal basic income have been well detailed already. (I have pulled sources from both the left and right to show this is something that can appeal to the concerns of both sides). A single plan to eliminate the corruption of the IRS, the problems of taxation, and… Read More ›

The End of Obamacare…let’s hope the cure isn’t worse than the disease…

It should come as no shock to anyone that Trump has already signaled that he plans on keeping parts of Obamacare.  In fact, he plans on keeping two of the most useless and costliest parts.   And that’s just to start.  Keep in mind this is a man who said that he admired Canada’s single… Read More ›

Brexit, Nationalism, National Sovereignty, Protectionism and other forms of insanity

Brexit won.  Nationalism won.  And why should anyone be worried that something that a fascist like Trump, a racist like Farage, and a tyrant like Putin passed?  I’m sure it will all work out in the end.  In light of Brexit, Trump, Sanders, and other forms of societal suicide words and phrases like nationalism and… Read More ›

Bye-bye Britain

So the Brits made their decision. Brexit it is and I can’t say I’m surprised. Nationalism is on the rise all over Europe and people who support the status quo always tend to stay home anyway so it was expectable. Still I’m disappointed, especially when I see people praising this referendum for bringing back freedom…. Read More ›

The Future of Entertainment: Fan Owned and Legion M Operated

At Phoenix Comicon this past weekend I had a chance to speak to a brand new company that is dreaming up big ideas for the future of entertainment production. In the 117 degree heat I met with Paul Scanlan and David Baxter from Legion M under a tent set up on 3rd Street between the two main… Read More ›

A single plan to eliminate the corruption of the IRS, the problems of taxation, and completely reform welfare

We were told four years ago that 17 million people went to bed hungry each night. Well that was probably true. They were all on a diet. But now we’re told that 9.3 million families in this country are poverty-stricken on the basis of earning less than 3,000 dollars a year. Welfare spending [is] 10… Read More ›

No single election can stop the promise of Capitalism

They don’t understand that we have a mandate.  I can’t just refuse to build these things: it’s my responsibility.  All the engines, bridges, and cities that we put in place are nothing in themselves.  They’re only makers in what we think of as time—like the separations of notes in music.  Why do people resist them… Read More ›

The Big Short: Best Movie of the Year

“Whenever you hear ‘subprime’, think ‘shit.’”–Margot Robbie So at the very end of the year I get a valid pick for Film of the Year 2015: The Big Short Honestly this should have been part of a trilogy of films. The Big Short detailing the corruption and stupidity of the banking industry, a film details… Read More ›

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