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The Need For Intellectual Property Rights and Reform of IP Law

May 20, 2017

So, in the face of all the problems we are facing (populist idiocy on both sides of the aisle bringing in a new wave of government intervention) there is the equally stupid reaction from the libertarian/anarchist side to just tear everything down.  On one side you have Trump and Sanders calling for universal health care,… Read More ›

When People Fail At Understanding Female Heroes

So this isn’t my own critique at how writers handle female superheroes, this is a critique of an article published on Louder with Crowder, written by Courtney Kirschoff titled “Dear Feminist Hollywood: Stop Trying to Make Female Action Heroes a Thing…”

The Zookeeper’s Wife: Good but left me wanting more

The Zookeeper’s Wife is an excellent story of the husband and wife who ran the Warsaw Zoo before the Nazi invasion in Poland and who turned their zoo into part of an underground railroad to get Jews out of the ghettos. Just from that description alone you know it is nearly impossible ruin such a… Read More ›

April Fool’s Day Post: A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal It is a melancholy object to those who walk through the great institution of this nation that is American education (public, private, home, charter, what will you) when they see nothing but low standards, inept overpaid teachers, failing students (who are sometimes spawning three, four or six children) in buildings that are… Read More ›

At 20 years old Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remains the Most Conservative Show on TV

So it’s here, the 20th Anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the show, not that movie we never, ever speak of). This has strangely brought out some people who have questioned this blog’s stance that Buffy is the most conservative show in history.  Some liberals have claimed that it is not conservative in any way… Read More ›

Logan: Where Progressive Bitching and Populist Paranoia Meet

Here’s a recipe: 1 part Bernie Sanders style progressivism hatred for patriotism 3 parts Trump populism that hates GMO’s, thinks businesses are all monopolies, hates automation 1 part the terribly pretentious film Children of Men 1 part the over-rated Western Shane 1 part an X-men spinoff franchise that has never made a good movie 50,000… Read More ›

A look at Trump’s vapid talking points…

So the talking points for Trump’s speech have already been revealed and it is the typical lack of substance and general idiocy that one has come to expect from the mentally challenged man-child. Now, I’m sure when he tries to fumble his way through whatever speech Bannon writes for him at the appropriate fourth grade… Read More ›

The 9th Circuit Ruling is Something Conservatives Should be Cheering

While those who blindly follow Trump are whining about a threat that is in the grand scheme of thing insignificant, the actual ruling place some key provisions of the Constitution back into their proper place after they have been eroded for by both liberals and those who claim to be conservative. The first great part… Read More ›

Three books to Read To Understand the Trump Years

  The next few years are seemingly uncharted territory.  Never before has the Oval Office been inhabited by someone who is racist, functionally mentally retarded, morally degenerate, and actively and intentionally working against the best interest of the US all at once.  Sure, we’ve had three of the four but Andrew Jackson and Jimmy Carter… Read More ›

Civic Virtue needed to Maintain A Republic

The cry goes something like this:
Muslims are invading and destroying Europe. They’re putting Sharia in place. Illegals are invading our nation and they’re not following laws, they don’t believe in American ideals. You can’t teach these people how to have Western values. You have to get rid of them. We need to close the borders. If we don’t get rid of them, if we have open borders then Western Civilization will be destroyed.

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