A look at Trump’s vapid talking points…

So the talking points for Trump’s speech have already been revealed and it is the typical lack of substance and general idiocy that one has come to expect from the mentally challenged man-child.
Now, I’m sure when he tries to fumble his way through whatever speech Bannon writes for him at the appropriate fourth grade reading level that Trump can handle I will have even more to say, but the talking points alone leave a lot to be desired.

    One by one, President Trump has been checking off the promises he made to the American people. He’s doing what he said he was going to do.

Given that he really didn’t say much that’s not hard to do. Of course as he hasn’t actually done anything that’s a bit of a strange statement. Yes he’s issued a lot of executive orders that boil down to three categories (1) things that didn’t really matter in the first place like transgendered bathroom issues (no sane person cared about this non-issue, yeah it was a violation of states rights but to issue it on the same day as saying you’re going after states that have legalized pot shows that you don’t really care about states’ rights only about pandering to your dipshit religious psycho supporters). (2) Illegal acts like the ever so ineptly written travel ban. (3) Things that really don’t change anything like everything he’s supposedly done about regulations. Yes the IRS is now saying they’ll excuse people who don’t pay the Obamacare mandate for not having insurance, but unless the law is actually repealed, they can go back and charge everyone who doesn’t pay it now for tax evasion 4 years from now. Regulatory reform has to be a legislative issue, so he can sign all the EO’s he wants but as long as those regulations are on the books he’s done nothing to solve the long term problem.

So, if you actually listened to his drivel on the campaign trail he promised a lot of nothing (check), the border wall (still nothing), Hillary in jail (still nothing), draining the swamp (his staff is worse than anything Washington has seen in decades), and a bunch of other stupid ideas (which thankfully he hasn’t been able to complete either). So this orange moron can say that he’s kept his promises, but thankfully for all of us, he’s failing miserably.

    In Tuesday night’s speech, he will lay out an optimistic vision for the country that crosses the traditional lines of party, race and socio-economic status. It will invite Americans of all backgrounds to come together in the service of a stronger, brighter future for our nation.

That would, as it always has, require greater freedom and liberty especially in the field of economics. Thus we need free trade, low taxes, and limited government. He has promised economic nationalism, high tariffs, and strong government. He has promised us everything George III was offering us. I think we should respond to Donald in much the same way we did to his Royal Highness.

All Americans deserve good jobs

Really? All Americans deserve good jobs? That’s news to me and just about anyone else who has ever held a job. Because I think we all know people who deserve only to be fired. In fact I think we know of a certain orange fool who deserves only a small cell and a job making license plates. So people don’t deserve a good job. Why? Because they lack the education, work ethic, and intelligence to have a good job. And even if you had a population where everyone was educated and hard-working it  would not be the government’s job in any way to provide those jobs. What every American has is the right to seek a job. They have the right to pursue this with as little government interference as possible. But to do that would mean that the many impediments unions put up to justify competition would have to be destroyed, something I don’t think they are going to let happen from a man so indebted to the unions. It would mean licensing stupidity would have to stop, but that is a states’ rights issue, so even if Trump did try to get involved in this it would only further his disregard for the separation of power inherent in federalism and thus increase the opportunities to ruin the right to seek a job in the future. And of course this would mean having economic prosperity so that high paying jobs exist, but that only comes with competition both internally and which his attempts to destroy free trade and raise tariffs are absolutely opposed to.

And all Americans deserve good jobs that allow them to prosper and dream.

Am I the only one bothered by the idea we should be allowed to dream. I thought we were supposed to not only dream but actually be achieving those dreams. But I guess we only get to fantasize about a nation with the liberty to achieve our dreams. Also we have a right to seek opportunities but not to prosper as we have a right to fail also and then learn and strive not being given anything just because.
“the forgotten men and women” Using the marketing ideas of FDR, speaking to the Forgotten man, didn’t do anyone any good the last time we had a megolomanical idiot who wanted economic nationalism, to withdraw from foreign affairs and raise taxes…and it won’t do anyone any good this time either.

The President will lay out the concrete steps he has already taken to make the American Dream possible for all of our people.

Again, I think he forgets there is this thing called free will. The American Dream is not possible for all people, because not everyone has the work ethic required to achieve it. That’s a fact. That’s why it’s not a right to Happiness it’s a right to PURSUE Happiness. This the age old liberal lie that government can give you everything. It can’t. Government can only level the playing field and remove the major barriers, you, the individual have to run the actual race. And if Trump doesn’t understand this, as it’s clear neither he nor any of the scum surrounding him do, then they will never be able to craft any policy capable of fixing the problems that do impede the people actually working to achieve their dreams.

Tax and regulatory reform to get relief to hardworking Americans and American businesses.

Again it’s the wording that bothers me. If he had said relief from government overreach that would be something. But given his statements I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt, and thus I suspect relief to America businesses will come in the form of more proposed corporate welfare and cronyism.

Making the workplace better for working parents.

Please explain to me how this is the federal government’s responsibility? How about getting out of the way and thus dropping the cost of living so that a single income could support a family again, or maybe letting the market actually compete for people. Not making even MORE rules to pander to one group over another. As history shows rules to help any group typically hurt that group (laws for women’s rights to sue for harassment and pregnancy leave often backfire and make it harder for women to get jobs, the American with Disabilities Act has made it harder for people with disabilities, every program designed to help minorities has hurt them). STOP TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE. Government help always results in harm. Let the market be the market.

Saving American families from the disaster of Obamacare.

That would be nice. But as you’ve said you want to keep full coverage meaning that you want to keep everything wrong with Obamacare and have offered no support or direction on how Congress is supposed to proceed, you’re part of the problem. I can promise you ANY of the other serious candidates for the GOP (Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Christie, Walker, Huckabee) and hell probably even Clinton (because she would have loved to destroy Obama’s signature law) would have been working with Congress from the Wednesday after the election to start crafting a bill and it would be halfway through the committed process in the House if not already be signed. Only Trump’s presidency could keep this disaster going by being so intentionally ignorant of everything surrounding not just Obamacare but law and how America operates in general. Seriously, he actually said “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.” Except, Donald, everybody knew. The only people who didn’t know are you and the toady yes-men you surround yourself with. Even the liberals knew this. And when there is something liberals know that you don’t, it means not only are you an idiot of truly epic proportions, but it also means you’re a loser who should be fired from your current job.

Making sure every child in America has access to a good education.

Ah, so which is it. Are we going to get rid of the Department of Education (which we should do) or are we going to make education a federal priority. Can’t have it both ways.

A great rebuilding of the American military.

Why? If we’re not going to be use our military to help the spread of liberty, justice and capitalism, why on Earth would we need a military build up? Yes America needs a bigger military, because right or wrong America is the only one who has the power and moral core necessary to be the beacon for the world—but you’re opposed to that beacon. So why?

Fulfilling our commitments to our veterans and making sure they have access to the care they need.

How about this. Give them a voucher for medical care and let the free market take care of it. There should never have been a Department of Veteran Affairs, there should never have been a VA beyond saying we’ll pay your X amount of premiums of any insurance plan you want, if you want more that you can pony up the difference.

It will be a speech addressed to ALL Americans AS Americans—not to a coalition of special interests and minor issues.

Please note that buying Ivanka’s crap is not a special interest or a minor issue according to the idiot-in-chief.

Americans can expect a speech that is grounded firmly in solving real problems for real people.

Goddamn right I was worried we were going to solving problems for the fictional cast of The Walking Dead. NO MORE SOLVING PROBLEMS FOR FICTIONAL PEOPLE!!!

Meaningless platitudes are usually put in when you’re expanding on the bullet points, not being the actual bullet points.

How can we make sure that every American who needs a good job can get one?

There is no way to get a job for everyone who needs one. Because lots of people who need things are not willing to work to get them. There is a way to get a system where just about everyone who wants a job has the opportunity to find one, it starts with Trump’s impeachment then embracing capitalism wholeheartedly.

How we can keep gangs and drugs and violent crime out of their neighborhoods?

Again I could have sworn that this was a local issue, but apparently I forgot that the President has power to deal with all issues at all levels and there are no restriction on his power at all. Silly me, thinking the Constitution had value.

The President will reach out to Americans living in the poorest and most vulnerable communities, and let them know that help is on the way.

Oh, good, the president is here to help.


He will also speak to the daily challenges of the Middle Class.

What would those challenges be? Hmmm…maybe the cost of living being too high which was caused by the lack of free trade, the lack of competition in the market, and his tariff rates on the things they buy. Maybe it’s the headache caused by a government that is too powerful. Might be a government threatening to eminent domain their house when said government is led by a man who says “I love eminent domain.”  Maybe it’s the fact that the underlying fundamentals of their economic well-being are being destroyed by an idiot whose ideas on policy make a School House Rock video on how a bill becomes a law look as deep as the Marianas trench by comparison.

Finally, he will call on Congress to act. He is eager to partner with lawmakers to fix our problems and build on this renewed American spirit.

Shouldn’t this have been done during the transition period. Oh I guess he’s beginning to realize that the presidency isn’t an absolute dictatorship.

Okay let’s work with Congress.  Step 1: Ignore everything he says and just pass an Obamacare repeal that gives a decent transition time for everyone to get off the plan.

Step 2: Limit the power of the executive.  A LOT.

Step 3: Actually do your job and gut the powers of government so that everyone, not just the people Trump panders to, has the opportunity to engage this wonderful thing we call the free-market and use the blessings of liberty to better themselves (or not if they choose to, because, hey, free will).

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