We need something to save us from bad executives in general…

Okay, so we’ve been quiet for a while.

We thought that in an era where two terrible candidates are taking up all the oxygen in the room each trying to convince you that the other one was worse, neither having anything resembling a legitimate plan (and what plans they do have are terrible), that it might be best to just ride out this storm let the less terrible of the two win and thought it was inevitable, and just come back after the election was over when policy discussion would matter once more.
Now, we may again have over-estimated the intelligence of the American public, but it appears the fascist bastard doesn’t have a chance.  Which is really bittersweet.  Yes, it goes without saying that Hillary is a terrible person who in a just world should be in prison for the rest of her existence…but Trump is worse.  Hillary was involved in the cover up of White House decisions that led to the death of four people (keep in mind the only person who could have given a stand down order was Obama and only Obama so saying she’s to blame for their deaths shows a complete misunderstanding of how government works). But Trump through his mob connections has quite probably been legally culpable for more deaths (through RICO) than Hillary could even have had a hand in.  Hillary lies. Trump does it more.  Hillary uses her foundation to benefit herself.  Trump makes her look like an amateur not just with his foundation, but with every one of his ventures. Hillary has threatened the 2nd Amendment.  Trump has threatened pretty much the entire Constitution.  Hillary is proposing liberal policies.  Trump is proposing policies that make Bernie look conservative by comparison (not to mention he seems to always lament how terrible it was that a vile socialist piece of offal wasn’t the Democratic nominee, tells you where his actual beliefs are). We have two terrible options, but when faced with two cups that are poisoned, I’ll take the fact that I’ve spent the last few years building up an immunity to Clinton bullshit.badpresidents

But this is a real problem. Liberals have always been stupid.  But they’re the kind of stupid that is annoying but not directly dangerous…yes their policies are dangerous in the long run, but it’s not the liberals themselves who are going to hurt you.  Republicans, having given up any pretense of being conservative, are showing they will follow anything that has an R after the name which means that a disturbingly large portion of them will support and if need be enforce any order, no matter how antithetical to the Constitution or American liberty, so long as it comes from someone with an R after their name.

So for the rest of us who have some who understand that human rights are self-evident, granted by our Creator, apply to all people, that good law is more important than the fickle will of the public, that government is there to protect our rights and set the rules of the road not pick which people, races, or cronies get to win and all others get to pay for their loss.

We have a few things to suggest. Here at Elementary Politics we’re going to try and get back into the flow of discussion of politics.  But we’re going to discuss policy. We made the mistake of turning toward dealing with individuals.  Politics needs to be ideas and policy, not about which idiot is least detestable, because a dedication to the right ideal will hold you steady even with terrible leadership, while believing even the best person can lead you will always result in disappointment.  We will still try to relate ideas to concepts in the public image and pop culture, but our focus will be policy and ideas this is the only way out of the problems that trouble us.

But more than that I will suggest that everyone gets involved.  And it’s remarkably easy. At a recent symposium put on the by Holocaust Museum they pointed out that one of the easiest ways to destroy evil gaining ground is comedy.  Making fun of the stupidity of evil is one of the most effective weapons against evil, be it Victor Borge becoming one of the greatest enemies against the Nazis, to Egypt’s equivalent of the Daily Show playing in it’s part in taking down the Muslim Brotherhood. Humor can do so many things that rational argument can’t.  Granted we have to be careful not to give in only to the stupid punchlines (2 decades of justified jokes against the Clintons have made people forget that there are worse things than Hillary, much worse, apocalyptically worse). But while we must always remember to know more than the jokes, the jokes are the way to open people up to seeing evils for what they are. So fill the feeds of every social media outlet you have not just with arguments but with jokes.  It’s sad but it works.

But even that is not enough.
As I said no matter who wins this we’ll be stuck with a president who is just terrible. Granted, Hillary will be better because she’s less corrupt, less liberal, and less psychotic than Trump (and not to mention with her health problems, more likely to drop dead within weeks of taking the oath of office), but either way we need to face the fact that the federal government has become way, way, WAY too powerful and needs to be put in its place.

So here is what I suggest.  Copy the letter below.  Email it to everyone of your representatives (upper and lower house in the State, Senate and House or Representative). Go to every event you can where they will be appearing in the next few months.  Bombard them with a call to limit the powers of the federal government, and especially the presidency.  Long term that is our best option.  ds

Dear ______

It is fairly clear that no matter what happens in November the executive branch will soon be held by a person who is not worthy of the position.  Thus it is up to the states to offer the checks and balances that the federal government no longer can.

To this end I call upon you to propose on the floor of the legislature, as well as call for your colleagues in this state as well as all other states to propose a convention to create the following amendment (the final wording is of course up to the convention but this is a good place to start).

  • Any law passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President may be vetoed by the upper houses of two-thirds of the States vote to overturn said law. Congress may over turn this veto  if three-quarters of both houses vote to overturn it.  If Congress overturns the veto, they may again be overturned by a vote of the upper houses of three-quarters of the States.
  • All laws in Congress must include a sunset date of no more than 15 years.  Any laws passed before the passage of this Amendment will be automatically given a sunset of 20 years after the passage of this Amendment. All regulations and executive orders put in place by executive departments have a sunset date of no more than 9 years.
  • All executive orders maybe vetoed by a majority vote of the Senate or a 2/3rds votes of the upper houses of the States.

The rights of people and their property is one of the most basic and fundamental to civilization.  Thus people cannot be free and forced to pay for any service or product they do not want to (they may be required to pay for things to take advantage of specific publicly provided services).  Any use of eminent domain claims by the government must be accompanied by a public disclosure of how the taking of property is for the public good and how all other alternatives have been explored and found too costly for the public good.

With these three Amendments the abuse of government power seen over the last two decades will be curtailed and America will be able to survive even the most corrupt and useless executives.

So that is what we need to focus on in the future, destroying the power that the alt-right and Islamofascists (not that there is really any difference) have tried to gain through social media through mercilessly mocking them and by pushing our elected officials trying to pull power back from the Federal government and especially from the executive, both of which have become too powerful. We hope you will join us in achieving these goals.

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