Brokered Convention It Is Then


Let me state up front that I don’t care if Trump comes to the GOP convention with 80% of the delegates.  The rules have to be changed so that he loses.  He cannot be allowed to be the nominee of the Republican Party.  

Let me explain why.

Some believe that we need to save the GOP by making the sure the party stays together with idiotic headlines like

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.37.47 PM
I hate to tell you this but the coalition of the current Republican party is not staying together. Conservatives who backed Walker and Rubio, Populists who backed Cruz, Fiorina, and Carson, and somehow we’ve acquired a bunch of fascists who are backing Trump.  This group can’t stay together.  Some people are not only going to leave—THEY HAVE TO LEAVE.

Wanting to keep this screwball coalition together is more of a problem than Trump ever could be, because even if Trump died of a heart attack tomorrow (please God, a little help here) the idiots who are voting for him are still around. Now granted most of these morons aren’t conservative or even Republicans in any meaningful sense.  Many are Republicans only because that’s what their family/community has always been, and the sheeple follow as they always do (which is why they’re following what is right now the skinniest object, the reality TV star who doesn’t say any words above their meager lexicon); others are a bunch of racists whom we acquired over the last few years not because they were all that attracted to conservative principles but because they hated the black guy (as shown by the fact that all these idiots suddenly loved single-payer health care when their racist leader said he liked it).  But even excluding those I can admit that we have had problems with the Progressives for Jesus and dim bulb populists for a long time now, and this needs to stop.   Trump isn’t the disease, he’s merely a symptom.  The disease is we do not have a coalition built on actual conservatism.

Liberty.  Individual rights.  The free market.  Free trade.  Small government.  Limited government.  Limited safety nets.  Government functions should be left to the most local government it can for efficiency.  A strong line against the spread of tyranny.  These are the things conservatism believes in (certainly not protectionism, high taxes, and treating people only as groups as you see with Trump).

The party is fractured already.  To not admit this point is to deny reality and seek to repeat this same godawful fight year after year after year.

And now is the time to get rid of these non-conservative elements in the party, and welcome in the conservative sides of the independents, the libertarians, and yes the Democrats.

Because there is never going to be a better time.

Right now the Democratic Party is actually at its weakest.  They’re not having a battle between two senior citizens because that’s what they want, they’re doing it because that’s all they have.  Republicans control the vast majority of state and federal offices.  Obama made sure the Democrats have no new generation of political figures to draw on (as most of what is left is either old or so left they can’t compete in most state wide elections, let alone a national stage).  The only chance Democrats could have is if the GOP commits suicide and embraces the populists (or worse the fascists).
Further if you actually study trends, a good portion of the Democratic party, almost of a third of them are young liberals who while socially liberal, unlike their political predecessors believe in the power of the individual and are more skeptical about the power of government (and that’s without the Right working to make the case to them ).  We can win these people, if we actually make the case (see the book A New Breed of Elephant for more details on how to do that). Even if we can get only half of that, that’s one sixth of the Democratic party—and when you factor in all the independents and libertarians who could return if we go back to real conservative principles (even if we lost every populist and fascist out there, and we won’t, they’re sheeple, we would still be able to beat the Democrats time and time again).

It goes without saying that stopping Trump will cause all of his racist supporters to leave.  Not really a loss.  Actually makes the party stronger.

But if we nominate Trump.  Not only will we lose those avenues of potential voters, but the GOP will fracture in a way that won’t be fixed.  We’ll be the new Whig Party.  And an actual conservative party will have to climb up from the bottom just to challenge the Democrats who will use that time to make up for their losses.  And if we nominate a populist like Cruz, this will only delay this fight again by another 4 years and delay the fracturing and realignment that has to happen; and the left will try to use those 4 years to get in a better position.

We need to push for a rational conservative.  It doesn’t matter how much the rules have to be rewritten.  Better to lose this election than lose the entire infrastructure of the party, cede it to those opposed to conservatives and spend a generation building a new brand for conservative ideals.  But those are our two options.  Lose the battle, or lose the entire front.  (I don’t admit that we will lose the war, because in the end conservatism is the only idea that works and thus the only one that will win in the end). I will take the long term strategy of losing this battle but quickly recovering in a way that allows us to gain 3 voters who actually believe in capitalism and liberty for every 2 of the populist, racists, and fascists that we lose.

A conservative must be the nominee.  And it can’t be some compromise candidate.  It has to be someone who will absolutely offend the populists and fascists so much that they not only leave for this election but they leave for good, and allow us to quickly build a new coalition without their drivel holding us back.  Romney, Rubio, Haley, Walker.  Someone in that vein.

This is the only hope of the party.  Because if we settle for a populist because he’s better than a fascist then the party is doomed, and a generation of progress will be lost.

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