Deadpool: God’s Perfect Idiot delivers bawdy humor and cartoonish violence—You’ll love it

Giving how much it earned opening weekend it’s fair to say most of you already saw this film…if you haven’t and are old enough to see it, you should.



The marketing department really understood this film…and how much this image doesn’t have anything to do with the movie.  Just as the Merc with a mouth would want it.

I was worried about this movie. Very worried. While Ryan Reynolds was the only person who could possibly play this role, the fact is that the studio behind this has made some truly, truly terrible choices with their Marvel properties (Both Wolverine movies, all three Fantastic 4 movies, X-Men Last Stand…all of them movies that should NEVER have been made). And then they announced it was going to be an R-rated movie which made me think Fox just gave up and decided to make a movie only for die-hard Deadpool fans full of nothing but chimichanga references and crude humor amongst bloodshed.


So, even though the leaked footage and the trailers had been made well, and the marketing showed they understood the insanity of the character…I still had worries that like a Hangover sequel, they would go overboard with the bawdy humor and repeat the same lame jokes over and over again, because Hollywood writers lately have not been batting 1.000.


Luckily as stated by the credits, the writers were the real heroes here.


And they pulled out a film that while raunchy at times never dips too far into gross obscenity, a film that paid fan service to every Deadpool cliche, but never beat them to death, and a film that actually had a solid plot in amongst the humor and bloodshed.


A moody teen.


For those who don’t know the story, it follows Wade Wilson, a fairly deadly mercenary with few goals in life, a large and smart mouth, a girl he loves…and terminal cancer. He is recruited by a corrupt organization that promises to cure him…but in reality they’re looking to create human-to-mutant weapons to sell to anyone evil enough to want to use such a thing. In the process of his torture they give Wilson the ability to heal from any wound, but also make him hideous beyond the telling of it. After escaping he dedicates himself to finding the people who turned him into a mutant so they can fix his abhorrent appearance. As a counter move his tormentors kidnap the girl he loves, leading to an all out battle.


In amongst this you find that Deadpool seems to understand that he is a character in a movie, and he comments on it often. In between making snide comments about the stupidity and cheapness of the film’s producers, you will see references to other movies…not to mention when Professor X is mentioned he actually asks “McAvoy or Stewart?”

Now make no mistake the movie is raunchy. But I would say about as raunchy as the first Hangover but not reaching the point of Hangover II. And it is violent. Almost Kingsman level violent. So if you’re a parent who thinks that bringing their kid to this movie is ok, you’re a terrible parent. But it is hilarious and you should see it.


Now I still think that they should give us at least one PG-13 Deadpool, where Deadpool is just as foul mouthed but he gets bleeped at every turn…and complains about it the entire time. Maybe a scene of him killing the censor in the last scene. Might work if we give him a cameo in one of the new X-men movies.  But whatever they create we need more random discussions about IKEA furniture.


Now I have no illusions that this film was devoid of any depth (except maybe its commentary about the film industry) but it’s was still enjoyable through and through.

Grade B+


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  1. Could have done with less nudity. But that’s just me. On the other hand I did love the 4th wall jokes and well deserved jabs at Wolverine. Why the X-men wanted to recruit Deadpool is another story…

    I liked tumblr’s PG-13 Deadpool trying to save the Fbomb until the best time and Wolverine just uses it and ruins it and he starts whining. It’d be funny.


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