Trust, but Verify: Stop Spreading Misinformation

There’s a video that was a posted a couple of months ago on facebook. It’s making the rounds pretty rapidly right now, I’ve seen it posted probably a dozen times by different facebook friends in the last 2 days alone.

Who knows why or when something will go viral, but this video has certainly made itself known in Republican circles at this moment. Likely as a result of Donald Trump’s recent ranting about border security (I say ranting because it’s certainly not coherent planning).

The video, via facebook page “Disturb Reality”, is titled “1,000s of immigrants try to cross the border at once” and features nearly 3 minutes of what appears to be several hundred people rushing a fence and climbing over it. The video is time stamped and holds a watermark for “RepubblicaTV” (which is not, as you might think, an American Republican news network…it’s actually an Italian news station owned by la Repubblica, an Italian newspaper) and is completely silent.

Now I don’t know if Disturb Reality was intentionally planning to decieve people with this video, but it certainly has accomplished that goal whether it set out to or not, because every share I see of it seems to think that this is a video of the American/Mexican border and that this is what is going on down there.

Here’s the thing.

It’s not our border.

The video is carefully stripped from a documentary from Vice News in January (though I’m sure other news outlets have used the surveillance video as well). The documentary was on the influx of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants fleeing from war and unrest in their own countries.

Now all that isn’t to say that the border crossings aren’t illegal, but you can certainly understand them in light of the terrorism and war that they are running from.

All of which is unimportant to the point I am trying to make.

That point being:


Think before you click share. Check it out, do a little research. I’m seeing this video posted by otherwise intelligent and thinking people, but because it plays into a narrative that they want to believe is true they share it with all their friends. They make unfounded (and often inflammatory) comments about the “hispanic” illegals in the video (some of the commentary has been downright racist, though not, thankfully, the ones from people I know).

Do you know how little time it took me to discover the true origins of this video? 15 minutes, that’s it. I’ve spent more time formatting and writing this article than I did on finding out that what people believed about this video was a load of crap.

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan:


Personally I’m waiting for Donald Trump to tweet a link to it, because that would be hysterical.


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  1. Good posting but I would go one step further and same the same (trust but verify) for (all) news networks. From conservative to liberal I have found all news stories to be slanted one direction or another. In the immortal words of Bill Murry in the movie Stripes I want “just the facts, Jack”!

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