Made Dames – Don’t Be Stupid

Welcome back loverlies!! We have missed you!

This time around, the Dames talk about how not to be stupid while driving, using social media, and life in general. They disagree on Gavin McInnes/Tamara Holder incident on Hannity.

So sit back, watch, and enjoy!! Bonus game on the end of show!

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  1. I dunno, chicas, I think Gavin essentially pulled a Red Eye appearance on a Hannity show, and I’m not sure it plays, especially with the middle.

    • Gavin did what he does best. He makes people question why they think the way they do. Plus, Tamara did walk right into it. He saw the opportunity and went with it.

  2. Gavin becomes host and I will stop watching Red Eye. He’s fine being there once a month but any more than that, he just presents good arguments in the dumbest way possible and is more interested in pissing people off than making a good argument.

    • I rather have Gavin as host then a regular panelist. When he’s a panelist, he’s a chaos tornado. When he’s hosting, he tones it down a bit. As for pissing people off, it is like a drug. So addicting.

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