Sweden Recognizes Terrorists as a Nation

The government of Sweden has officially recognized a country without clear borders, with no official government, no non-theoretical capital, and whose main goal is the destruction of Israel. Way to go.

But it does not end there, oh no, they believe the European Union will follow suit and their Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, hopes that this brings a new dynamic to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister

“Our decision comes at a critical time because over the last year we have seen how the peace talks have stalled, how decisions over new settlements on occupied Palestinian land have complicated a two-state solution and how violence has returned to Gaza,” she said. Yes apparently this barely in existence group of people are being occupied in their own made up country. You can see the hypocrisy, I hope. Israel is, just in those words is portrayed as a dictatorial element, oppressing and suppressing the “Palestinians.” As for violence in Gaza, I guarantee that if tomorrow Hamas put down their weapons, Gaza would be safer, to paraphrase Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

But she also adds, “Today’s recognition is a contribution to a better future for a region that has for too long been characterized by frozen negotiations, destruction and frustration,” she wrote earlier on Thursday in the daily Dagens Nyheter. Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom  fails to understand the key reason the talks keep failing. Palestinians do not, and will never recognize the existence of Israel. This is a better future for one group, and one group only, and a danger to Israel.

The Palestinians of course, are celebrating “….[this] decision is a message to Israel and is an answer to its continued occupation of Palestinian land,” said Nabeel Abu Rdeineh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. How dare Israel not just vanish from existence? Darn those pesky Jews. But Sweden is not new to the bandwagon, other countries like Belarus, Poland, etc, have also recognized “Palestine.” And kudos to Sweden for drinking the kool-aid.

Now this “Palestine” exists in the “Occupied” “West Bank” and Gaza with East Jerusalem (something that will never happen) as their capital. The problem is that Hamas rules Gaza and Fatah rules the rest and while they play nice, they are not the same and if they become a country who will really govern both? Neither Hamas nor Fatah really wants to give up power and control, meaning that Israel might end up being stuck between the two should they ever fight. But the world does not care about Israel’s safety.

Avigdor Lieberman

So what does this mean for Israel? Well it is a legitimization of terrorist groups like Fatah and Hamas who actively seek to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman and I are in agreement on this. He said: “The decision of the Swedish government to recognize a Palestinian state is a deplorable decision which only strengthens extremist elements and Palestinian rejectionism,”

The schmuck Palestinian who killed a three-month-old girl for example, is being hailed as a great hero.  Yup, their heroes are murderers and terrorists. Nice, isn’t it? This means that Israel will continue to be de-legitimized and attacked for committing no crime other than existing and defending themselves.

Israel recalled its ambassador to Sweden for a chat and Harretz suggests that Israel might be considering closing its embassy in Sweden altogether. Given recent developments, I can’t say I would argue with that decision.

And if you think this isn’t going to be a big deal take a look at what the rt wrote “Those fighting for Palestine – currently Hamas – are labeled as “terrorists” by Israel, so Wallstrom thinks a voice must be given to what she sees as the more moderate part of the population.” Moderate? Right the moderate Palestinians, those who do not shoot the rockets themselves, but pat the backs of those who do.

Sweden has reared its ugly antisemitic head once again and proved that their government is completely ignorant of what is actually happening in the Middle East. Israel is now in even more danger as the world turns its back on her and supports those trying to harm her. It is imperative now more than ever that those who support Israel stand strong and stand loud, because if we do not stand up for ourselves, who will?





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  1. Time for you to start reading Amos Oz…

    • I’ll pass if you don’t mind. I think he’s kind of naive to be honest, and I don’t believe in a successful long lasting two state solution, nor do I support dividing Jerusalem.

      • And obviously, your position should be regarded as the only option. It must be terribly sad to only see black or white.

        • Or maybe it’s the position that’s correct and we just don’t entertain this relativistic view of viewing all positions as equal. There are multitudes of reasons why a 2 state solution is impractical.

          • Yes! Because the status quo has worked so well thus far! I mean, I can’t imagine anything more amusing than living in Israel near the border. If you just close your eyes you can pretend the rocks coming at you are hail. Magical. Like a Walt Disney cartoon.

        • Never said my position should be regarded as the only option. I’m saying that I’d rather not read the views of someone who’s argument is inherently flawed. Mr. Oz has a right to write what he wishes, just as I do. I find his arguments to be very flawed and based on misinformation, so why would I read it? I recommend Mr. Dershowitz to you, or even reading any number of speeches done by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

          • Fascinating. So you say you won’t read him and yet jump to the conclusion his views are flawed?

            • I did my research. I generally look up authors people recommend before jumping into a book, mostly because I am an incredibly picky reader and this also true for fiction writing as well.

              • Amos Oz has some very interesting points.
                It’s time to put down arms and find an actual solution- whatever that may be. I’m not saying he has the solution, even less that I have a solution, but we need a solution. The situation right now just isn’t reasonable or fair for anyone.

              • To quote Benjamin Netanyahu “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel.” While I understand that war sucks, its not like peaceful solutions have not been attempted and we have had some success with Egypt and Jordan. But if Israel puts down their arms, there will be no more Israel. It seems to me like Oz vastly underestimates the desire of groups like Hamas and Fatah to destroy Israel.

              • Not necessarily. He just thinks we have to give them ‘something’. I agree. Build them a Trump tower in Isis territory, give them each a little bit of money and let them be on their way.Or a ticket to Australia? Who cares? Just give them something and let it be over already.

              • The world gives them billions in aid, trust me, if they wanted to leave they would have done so already. They want to destroy Israel. Its simple as that. Israel has already given them far more than they deserve in my opinion. Israel has nothing left to give, it gives them money, provides them with electricity, clean water, food, medical access, etc.

              • So what now? Everyone just sits, waits and pretends to smile?

              • Israel is not just sitting and pretending to smile, it is trying to keep its people safe. This conflict is not as simple as “If we give the Palestinians what they want then we’ll be friends.” History has taught us that doesn’t work. There is no simple solution, but first things first, Israel needs a partner for peace and terrorist organizations aren’t big on that word.

              • So what do you propose, Captain Israel?
                Because as far as I can see, something must be done. And Sweden is irrelevant. Maybe you didn’t notice my dark hair and very pretty almond eyes, but let me just say I don’t want to lose either one of them because an angry arab child threw a rock at me.

              • First of all its not just an angry child, its horrible people who kill three month old babies and are praised as heroes, its thousands of rockets hurtled at the heads of my family members, its people constantly screaming and teaching their children to kill Israelis.
                What I suggest? I don’t have an exact magic, finger snapping solution. This conflict is much more complicated than that. But what I think Bibi needs to do is cut all aid and support for the “Palestinians”. I think he needs to stand firmer and not back down to international pressure. If the “Palestinians” want independence so badly then fine, Israel should let them and not give them an inch. They will not last long. And the next time this “country” attacks. Israel should act like any nation that has been attacked by another, treat it as the declaration of war that it is and end things once and for all. I am sick of these stupid Gaza wars that start and end with the same way. Hamas shoot rockets, Israel waits, then gets pissed shoots back and Hamas cries wolf and the world buys it time and again.

              • I don’t disagree with you. All I say is we need this rubbish to stop. To finally stop. Genug shoyn. Whatever needs to be done has to be done. And now.

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