Turn Out for What Hollywood Wants

Well I wasn’t going to vote, but now that celebrities (and I use that word as loosely as Lena Dunham uses her pants) have told me what a great idea it is—well I’m still going to vote, but they won’t like it. Because despite the less than subtle messages of the Rock the Vote campaign, young Conservatives will be at the booths. Although I would like one of those cool nicknames like Lil Lena, I’m thinking of making the change to $ara.




Did you know that Rock the Vote is a non-partisan organization? Directly from their website:

“Rock the Vote is a non-partisan, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization dedicated to building political power for young people. Rock the Vote does not support or endorse candidates, nor do we advocate for one political party over another. We don’t care who you vote for – we just want you to vote, period.”


Interesting… anyone hear a specifically Conservative issue mentioned in the video? For example, was anyone pro-life? Sounded mostly like the Liberal talking points have the B-list youth out to vote. While the organization might be non-partisan they certainly don’t seem to be going out of their way to find Conservative or Libertarian celebrities to participate.


As I watched this video a number of things popped into my mind:

1) Where are the Conservatives and Libertarians? Oh right, we don’t need to be reminded to vote.

2) Why did they think Whoopi Goldberg would be a great addition? Granted at 26 I’m struggling to identify half of these people.

3) Don’t go into voting booths with friends. If you’re old enough to vote you should be old enough to vote on your own. You aren’t a pair of teenage girls going to the bathroom together at the homecoming dance.

4) OH! Lil Jon is the one person who watches Girls.

5) Pretty sure this is the first job that guy from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills has ever had. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to talk about the struggles of the middle class considering the excessive amount of money he blows through every episode (Please note I’ve only seen that show because it occasionally stands in the way of me and Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Botched).

6) Lena Dunham without pants is all the birth control anyone will ever need, so you can pocket that money. But also, we have reproductive rights; your problem is that America doesn’t want to pay for the reproductive rights of others.

7) Which women’s rights are you kids voting for? I don’t recall any of you mentioning your disappointment with women in the White House being paid less than men.


In addition to the starless-studded dance party at the voting booths, there was edgy imagery:





Ball and Chain


As for me? I’m turning out in the hopes that we can take the Senate back and that Harry Reid will be out. I’m turning out because after 500+ resumes I’m still without a job in my field. There are still no jobs in sight for my generation and I would prefer a politician who believes in job growth rather than handouts. I’m turning out because the party that reduces me to ovaries with a voter card is the same party constantly trying to convince us that the Right is waging a war against women. More than anything I’m worried about the border, the economy, and the general state of the world. I am more than the clichés of my generation and will vote based on my personal concerns and not what a celebrity tells me is important.

Maybe I am old; my concerns aren’t with deforestation or any of the other vague issues that are mentioned with no specificity. Maybe the issues I’m concerned about will be in the next campaign, guess I’ll just have to hold out for the Rock the Vote video featuring Clint Eastwood. #TurnOutForWhatPunk

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