Code Pink Thinks Only American Women Should Have Rights

*Message only applies to American women, because we really could not care less about those silly foreigners.

*Message only applies to American women, because we really could not care less about those silly foreigners.

Is that overly combative?

Oh well, I don’t apologize.

Code Pink has a history of getting into an uproar about women’s rights (though they claim to only be an anti-war organization) on the slightest provocation. They usually do so in the most ridiculous of ways, prancing around in vagina costumes and pulling out canned rhetoric about the “war on women” and “the wage gap” and other nonsense.

However Code Pink is also outraged, simply outraged I tell you, that America would dare consider getting involved in Iraq again.

The funny thing being that ISIS has committed more human rights abuses and is waging a much more violent and evil “war on women” in Iraq than any of their made up outrage at the way Republicans treat women. So much so that it’s like comparing the body counts of Wile E Coyote and Jefferey Dahmer and deciding that Wile E Coyote is the actual threat.

It’s not even that they are protesting one and ignoring the other (though I certainly haven’t seen Code Pink take a negative stance toward the treatment of women by ISIS), it’s that they are actively enabling that treatment by saying that America should not involve itself in Iraq again and should just allow ISIS to abuse women (and men and children) through rape, kidnapping, mutilation, murder, and slavery.

An actual war on women is being waged, one with an actual body count and actual horror, but there isn’t a single Vagina Suit to be seen in protest of ISIS…only in protest of our country’s faltering attempts to stop genocide.

So I guess the moral of this story is that Code Pink only thinks your vagina has a voice and rights if it happens to be attached to an American citizen.

I mean, screw those foreigners right?


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