Attorney General: A Position of Distraction

I’ve been asking myself, what the hell is the point of our US Attorney General ANYWAY!? Lately it seems all he’s been doing is either dodging congressional requests or sticking his nose in issues that do not require his services, as a way of ignoring the issues, I thought, he was meant for. Then I realized this President and his administration truly are geniuses!

Disagree? Well, riddle me this:

How is it that ONE cop shooting ONE unarmed black man (something that doesn’t happen often whatsoever) cause for the US Attorney General to make haste and investigate? The Governor of Missouri quickly makes a change to the “face” of the Ferguson PD, and we all know it was to try and appease those out for blood. But quite honestly there would have been rioting and looting regardless. He could have changed the entire police force to be all Black and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Why? Cause uneducated and unemployed men (regardless of race) who have nothing else to do will jump at the opportunity to do the wrong thing. But I’m getting off topic.

I’d like to quickly point out that just over the weekend in my neighborhood a man was shot and killed by a police officer. There were also nearly a dozen other shootings that took place as well. Chicago had nearly double that of shootings and deaths. But I don’t see this President sending Attorney General Eric Holder to the Bronx or Chicago. Now why is that? Could it be because the moment of great opportunity for distraction presented itself first in Ferguson? Could it be that since this happened NO ONE in the MSM is even talking about Israel and Hamas? Or the illegals crossing the border? The Ebola virus we are eagerly letting into our country? Or ISIS/ISIL threatening to enter the US, some claiming they are already here?

Are we really supposed to believe that since this Michael Brown incident Hamas has FINALLY agreed to a cease fire and peace is soon to follow? Or illegals decided it’s safer to stay where they are after hearing about Michael Brown cause they wouldn’t want to be next? And we need not worry about the Ebola virus spreading because we have the best quarantined facilities yet people are still popping up in the oddest of places with the symptoms because it seems no one is at least trying to put together a list of known places where it was contracted to alert us and find out who has been there in the past several months! And yeah, Osama bin Laden thought even ISIS was too rogue for him to consider joining forces with, but why worry about that? Not even the Drudge Report is worried about any of that!

Drudge Report

Nope, let’s follow the right hand of the President and ignore what the left hand is doing!

It’s gotten so intense that we no longer care that our President is STILL on vacation, coming back home a total of (I believe) four times! If you were on vacation and had emergencies that brought you home four times, wouldn’t you just scrap the vacation and STAY HOME?! I mean, I don’t give a damn that he’s on a “working vacation”! Unless he can do his work from Martha’s Vineyard, which he’s clearly shown he can’t since he’s flown back to the White House several times, then his working vacation is NOT WORKING! But you know what, I’m just a racist who has no sympathy for the shoplifting, unarmed Black kid, who was CLEARLY not looking for trouble when he ran towards the cop! Maybe he wanted to give him a hug right? Whatever the reasoning, it is NOT something that requires the Federal Government to interfere unless they were asked, and I don’t think they were asked?

How is it this President is constantly allowed to pick and choose what and when he wants to be the “champion” of something? From where I’m standing he’s the champion of nothing. The sooner we acknowledge that and stop playing into his hands, the sooner we’ll realize what must be done, and do it. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

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