Controversial Children’s Book Raises Eyebrows

myparentsopencarrycoverChildren’s books are an outrageously controversial topic at times.

As a society we generally get annoyed when we find out that our child’s classroom has been putting ideas into our children’s minds that we find controversial at best. In the early 1990s a book named “Daddy’s Roommate” was published, now there is nothing particularly offensive in the book, but it was written about a really controversial topic and met a let of criticism and attempts at banning when it was published. There’s been a dozen other books like this one published in the last decade or so and now there’s a similarly controversial book being targeted toward children, this one on the topic of open carry gun laws.

Similar to the books on gay marriage, this book’s art is pretty awful and it’s written at an extremely low reading level. Essentially being targeted to only one demographic, because only one demographic would be able to put up with that combo. That demographic is small children, probably between kindergarten and 2nd grade.

That is an age range where parents should really be the ones bringing up controversial topics. I would not want 1st graders introduced to the concentration camps, divorce, or sex-ed by a book read to them by their teachers either.

So here’s the thing.

Don’t bring your book about Matilda’s Two Mommies into the classroom and then maybe we can understand why you want to keep My Parent’s Open Carry out of your child’s classroom too.

Because maybe we are both right. Maybe you don’t want your child being taught about gun use in their kindergarten class and maybe I don’t want my child learning about Matilda’s Two Mommies from their 1st grade teacher.

You claim gay marriage is a right and, for sake of argument, let’s say you are correct.

Gun ownership is also a right.

Apparently neither of these things being a “right” makes them any less controversial, yet it’s apparently “homophobic” to ask that Matilda’s Two Mommies and Daddy’s Rommate not be in a children’s classroom or read at story time, while calling My Parents Open Carry “nightmarish” and insinuating that a family who exercises their right to open carry will end up with dead children…that’s perfectly normal I suppose.


In the end, on controversial topics it really is up to the parents on how they want to bring this issue up. Maybe, now that liberals have seen that this is actually a two way street, where their children can be exposed to topics they would prefer to talk about at home, they can see where we are coming from on the whole issue.

Of course, alternately, they could just to decide to be complete hypocrites on the issue instead.

My money is really on the second option.


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