How To Train Your Dragon 2 Twice the Fun, Twice the Action

I was FINALLY able to see How To Train Your Dragon 2, the sequel to the film of the same name which came out in 2010. All I can say is it was worth the wait. A true adventure for the entire family.

The first movie was phenomenal and the whole family adored it. The sequel which took four years to make takes place 5 years after the events of the first movie. The residents of Burke are happy with their dragons and are enjoying the new atmosphere in the village. Apparently racing for sheep and collecting points is the favorite sport. Hiccup, who has grown up quite a bit since we last saw him, is an explorer who doesn’t think he’s ready to take over as chief of the village. He and Toothless are enjoying the freedom and Hiccup is still inventing.

Enter Dragon Hunters who are hunting dragons to give them to a man rather unimaginably titled Drago, a man who can somehow subdue and control the dragons. Hiccup and Astrid go to try to find this man and talk some sense into him. The result is basically the movie, full of surprises at  every turn, and great humor.

The script is well written and thought out and the animation is absolutely breathtaking from the scenery to the details within scenes. Its clear that the filmmakers not only really cared about the project, but the story and characters and imagery involved. They took care to polish and perfect this film, probably why it took four years to make.

They kept the familiar scenery and characters that we know and love and added a few we didn’t know and not all that we liked. I was glued to my seat and I know that parents and children will enjoy this little gem of a movie. Fun for the whole family, plenty of jokes for kids and adults. I could see and wouldn’t be surprised if there was an Oscar nomination in the future for HTTYD2. Hiccup’s struggle to find out who he is, and the conflict with Drago shows how elements can be weaved to tell a meaningful and interesting story, even if its just for a kid’s movie. So the next time someone tells you that kids can’t handle complex stories, tell them about this movie.


Final Grade. 5 out of 5

Magnifying StarMagnifying StarMagnifying StarMagnifying StarMagnifying Star



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