A Disposable Child




Sheri Shepherd may be the most vile person on the planet. Not only is she distancing herself from a child she initially wanted (and wanted so badly, this is the second go around with IVF for her) but her rationale is that she doesn’t want to pay her ex child support. Seriously.

So what would have happened if the marriage had ended after this child was born? Would she sever her parental rights? What if the marriage ended once the child was old enough to have created a bond with Ms. Shepherd? See, this isn’t about the child, this is all about Ms. Shepherd’s selfishness.

I get it. Your marriage ended. You are angry. You probably suffered financially during the divorce proceedings. I feel for you. The ending of a marriage is awful. But…

This child was wanted. He or she was wanted by both parents. Ms. Shepherd is essentially saying she only wanted this child when it was convenient and less of a fight for her. I can not even begin to understand why she thinks her actions now are okay.

Fine, if you truly do not want to be responsible for this child, who did not ask to be born, who was brought into being because YOU wanted a child, then sign away your parental rights. Then you better pray your ex husband has a bigger heart than you and will raise this child in a loving home. However, I just don’t understand how anyone can walk away from a child they wanted.

Is life perfect? No. Would Ms. Shepherd feel this same way if her ex had passed away instead of divorced her? I would wager no. I would imagine she would want this child even more because then a part of her husband would always be with her! So this decision, to shun a child…an innocent baby, is born from hatred of her ex.

Congratulations Ms. Shepherd, you have successfully made this child disposable because you want to sever all ties with your ex. If you were carrying the child, even it being created from the egg of another woman, would you terminate the pregnancy this late in the game? Would you put the child up for adoption then? See, I have had three kids. Once you hear that heart beat, see the sonogram and feel those flutters of kicks, you can’t think of ending that life inside you, regardless of how it came to be.

Ms. Shepherd, you are a despicable human being for hurting a child because you want to hurt your ex. You are selfish, greedy and heartless. The worst part is, you think you are being clever. You make me sick.

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