Yes, I Do Support Israel. No, I Won’t Apologize.

tumblr_n8kknsKsgm1stmkp8o2_1280I have to tell you that I’ve just about had it with pro-Palestinian whack jobs who care nothing for facts about history or current events. They seem to think that the number of dead on a particular side is what makes a group or country blameless of their actions. They seem to think that they safety and well-being of people in Gaza* is Israel’s responsibility, rather than Hamas’.

That isn’t a hard to conclusion to draw I suppose, since Hamas has never once cared about the safety and well-being of the people in Gaza as much as Israel has, but that’s still not Israel’s responsibility.

Israel’s responsibility is Israel and there is not a single country on this planet that I would expect to take daily bombardments from terrorists without retaliating to protect their people. That idea is simply preposterous. Would America be expected to take that sort of treatment?

Well, maybe under this administration I suppose.

In 2001 I had just turned 11 years old when September 11th happened. It was terrifying for an 11 year old and, though I didn’t really understand the implications of the attack. I had a part of my innocence and belief in the safety of my country destroyed. I would never feel quite as secure after that.

That is a bare taste of the situation that the men, women, and children of Israel go through every day. We had a lot of deaths on September 11th and there are fewer deaths in Israel as a result of these attacks (because they have, sadly, had to learn how to be prepared to run for a bomb shelter on a moments notice) in the last few days, but it is not a situation that any man, woman, or child should have live through in their home country.

When 9/11 happened there was a few people *cough*liberals*cough* that seemed to think that it was our fault and we should just apologize. Luckily there was no way that the majority of people felt that was a reasonable reaction and no one really expected America to take this attack on our country, on our security, and on our sovereignty as a nation, lying down. It would have been absurd to expect us to just say “No, no, it’s our fault Bin Laden, we’re sorry. We won’t offend you again! Sorry about that!”

Why should we? Even if we HAD done something to offend Bin Laden and his Muslim sensibilities (since I’m a woman who can drive, go outside alone, wear shorts, and speak my mind…well I guess we have offended those sensibilities over here), that did not grant him the right to kill our citizens and declare war on us. That required an answer from us and he damn well got it.

So why is it that when the Israelis face terrorism on a daily basis (sent to them by people they provide medical care, utilities, and food too) that they are told they need to be “restrained” in their response to these attacks. How in the world do we expect a country to be restrained in their response to terrorism against their country?

Why do they have to live like this? It isn’t because their government wants to live that way, it’s because of a hatred so intense that Hamas and its supporters care more about destroying the Jews than finding a peaceful solution for their conflict. This is not merely a geographical issue, but one that goes back through centuries of religious strife and (according the the Hamas’ charter) will only end when Islam has control over the whole of the area (and, according to Islam itself, the entire world).

This is neither the first, nor the last I suspect, attack by Hamas on Israel. Hamas’ charter dictates their task will not be complete until they have subjugated both Jews and Christian, under their belief that only then will there be peace.

This isn’t reasonable, it’s not okay, and there’s absolutely no way that we (or Israel) will bow our heads so that Islam can rule over us. That would not be peace, it would be slavery.

I won’t apologize for supporting Israel and supporting their right (and duty) to defend their people against the terrorist attacks of Hamas.

We would not expect any other sovereign nation to bow and scrape and beg for forgiveness when they are attacked and there is no reason why we should expect that from Israel.

Hamas can take a long walk off a short pier for all I care. They have put their own people in danger constantly through their terrorist tactics and their brainwashing of their populace. They have used their people as human shields and caused men, women, and children to die as a result of their actions.

Israel is not to blame for this bloodshed, they are doing what they have to do to protect their people. Hamas has made their people’s bed for them and, though I feel horribly for the people who have died, that does not mean that Israel is at fault or that I should turn my back on them.

End of story.


*You’ll notice that I never refer to them as “Palestinians” if I can help it. “Palestine” is a fiction that didn’t exist until the 20th century, a name created by the British for a geographical area that they were in control of.



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