Beck vs Rubio: The Great Immigration Divide

photo(8)I follow a great many people on Twitter, and while I can’t spend every waking moment trolling my timeline because of the vast amount that I follow and just how quickly their tweets come through, it’s rare for me to not only follow a conversation, but pick up on a trend. If I had to weigh those I follow against a scale of Liberal vs Conservative, I’d say the majority of those I follow are more Conservative. Having said that, I’ve noticed a battle going back and forth about the border problem in Texas. More specifically, the children we are hearing about more and more. Many are carrying diseases, being put in these holding areas where the living conditions are worse than our own prison system, and simply not getting the care any self-respecting human being would want a child to receive.

Now, the last thing I want is to take sides in this issue because I happen to have friends who come from just about every side this issue seems to have taken! Believe it or not, there is more than just two sides to this argument. What I would like to try and do is highlight the two extremely different sides I’ve been seeing creep up, and help those who for one reason or another can’t see the bigger picture, not be SO angry.

First, I think we can all agree, coming into this country illegally is NOT acceptable by any stretch of the imagination? Yes? Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it seems that the ever popular radio personality and head of The Blaze Network, Glenn Beck, has caused quite a stir within the Conservative party that I’m sure no one saw coming. I know I didn’t. True, he’s known for doing things outside of the box and saying things most of us wish he didn’t, but I can’t recall anything he’s said or done causing THIS MUCH of a backlash. Recently he’s pledged to help the illegal children who have come across the border. And by help he simply means seeing that they have things like food, clothing, and just recently what churches have asked for, teddy bears and soccer balls. His generosity to those in need throughout the United States, as many of you may know already, comes from the charity organization he started called Mercury One. He had the unmitigated gall to ask his viewers, who always come through in a multitude of ways for him, to donate money so that he can send 16-wheeler trucks to the Texas border and provide food, clothing, and toys to the children!

Suffice it to say, his viewers, a vast majority of them, were not pleased with his plea. Many of them took to his twitter and Facebook page to tell them exactly how they feel. They canceled their Blaze subscriptions and vowed to never give money to Mercury One ever again. Those who have turned away from him after he made those damning comments felt his act of charity towards the children is like giving them a reward and saying that it’s not only okay to enter the United States illegally, but to continue doing so. I’ll admit, to me that sounds like a pretty big leap to make. I understand the frustration, but Glenn Beck is not a politician or the President, with the kind of power to really make some lifelong damage. Yes, he has quite a following, but to give him that kind of credit, or to suggest that providing food and clothing to children who are being held in unlivable conditions is a reward of some kind is insulting to the children!

Among the many charges against Glenn Becks recent actions is one I find most interesting: next time Marco Rubio says something about Amnesty Glenn should shut up! Huh?

Last time I checked Amnesty and charity are two different things? An argument can be made that granting Amnesty is like charity, sure, but I think peoples anger are beginning to cloud their judgement and rationale. And let’s face it, an argument can and will always be made for why we should not let our hearts get in the way of a law that is being broken just because children are involved. And while that argument may carry a lot of weight in the end, for right now, at this moment in time, we are talking about right and wrong. Caring for children is right. Enacting justice that involves leaving them to lay in their own waste without any care until they are swiftly sent back from wherever they came from is wrong. That is not who we are. At least, that’s what I thought. You might also note that Glenn Beck has not ever said, “let the children stay indefinitely.” You may think his actions of wanting to care for them would give that impression to people, but that’s not his problem, nor should we let the message that others might get from our actions dictate how we behave as human beings. Especially since no matter what we do the MSM will undoubtedly twist it into their own making, so we might as well err on doing what’s morally right! Politics be damned!

And it must be said that care to children is a far cry from Marco Rubio wanting to grant Amnesty to the millions who are already here illegally, due to some technicality. How those who profess to having conservative principals are even allowing themselves to do this “in-fighting” about something as simple as caring for children? I don’t understand. Help me understand? Because while we are fighting amongst ourselves the Left is winning yet again on another big ticket issue. While we are busy trying to tear down Glenn Beck and all that he’s managed to build (for us by the way) the Left are probably celebrating. We’re doing the dirty work for them. And don’t tell me, when the time comes, they won’t have plenty of evidence to show just how compassionate we weren’t, to children, when this happened. It won’t matter that they didn’t lift a finger themselves. All the MSM will say/show, all the American people will see/hear, is how that charity we talk so much about is only reserved for American citizens, and to hell with those children who came here illegally!

I thought we had 2016 in the palm of our hands, but I would not be surprised if scenes and places journalists are conveniently not being allowed to see or photograph will be strategically revealed during that election cycle to really drive home a message we will never be able to defend. There is no winning argument, morally or politically, against caring for a child on our own soil. Let’s do what we can for the children first and continue the long term debate on the question of Immigration later, with the understanding that all those currently detained should be sent back, no exceptions!


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