Calm Your Ovaries and Learn the Facts


There’s nothing like a Supreme Court decision to bring out and enrage the uninformed masses. When these things come along I like to use them as a purging tool for my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I don’t delete those who disagree; I delete those who go completely bat-crap crazy, posting Jezebel article after painful Jezebel article about the decision. If I found myself saying “what an idiot” the person to provoke the utterance found themselves unfollowed. Let’s go over the actual decision made by the Supreme Court and the interpretation of the decision.


The ruling as I understand it, will not force Hobby Lobby, a business owned and operated by Christians, to provide the four forms of birth control that eliminate a pregnancy. They will continue to provide the 16 different forms of birth control that is taken as a preventative measure. As one might expect, those who disagree with the ruling took the news with quiet dignity and grace… Just kidding, they were crying for boycotts and suggested burning down Hobby Lobby buildings. That seems like a proportionate response. If you haven’t perused the Twitchy collections of reaction please do so. It’s great to see how tolerant and accepting the left is of those who hold different views.


I had hoped people would be a bit calmer today, but unfortunately the hordes are carrying on with their claims that this is more of the Republican war on women. They continue to bemoan the loss in court, dramatically pointing to the fact that five men, YES MEN, had no right to insert themselves into women’s health issues. Where do these male judges get off interjecting their male votes into this case? Don’t they know they have no right in this matter? All they should bring to the table is a wallet. You know nothing says feminist to me like demanding that men pay for the pills to get you out of the family way.




Well, at least we have celebrities to tell us all how we should feel; even George Takei has taken up the mantle of reproductive rights. I don’t know about you but I’ll certainly sleep better tonight knowing that Sulu has spoken up. Readers familiar with me can imagine my delight when I saw that Lena Dunham weighed in on the topic tweeting: “Women’s access to birth control should not be denied because of their employer’s religious beliefs.” Good point! Where is that happening?


Not Hobby Lobby, which is still providing numerous forms of birth control. Women still have access to Plan B if they need it, they just can’t expect their employer to pay for it. Why are so many considering this a set back for women? This is a forced step towards self-reliance and adulthood, if you have an unprotected romp and decide to take the morning after pill that is your responsibility. It is not a standing prescription; you wouldn’t demand your employer pay for your antacids or anything else you (hopefully) only purchase once in a while.


Has no one prepped the left on this topic? Even Hillary Clinton is picking up the wrong end of the stick and spreading lies about what the Supreme Court’s ruling actually says. She seems to be under the impression that Hobby Lobby doesn’t want their employees to use any birth control. That’s not true, someone should tell them that Hobby Lobby is not keeping their employees from contraceptives; they just refuse to pay for four items that terminate a possible pregnancy, an action that conflicts with their religious beliefs. USA Today was kind enough to lay it out in the simplest of terms, listing the unaffected options: most birth control pills, condoms, sponges, and sterilization. As well as those affected: Plan B morning-after pill, Ella morning-after pill, and the hormonal and copper IUDs. That’s it. If you absolutely have to have those four items available to you on a regular basis then might I suggest working elsewhere? No one is forcing employees to stay at Hobby Lobby, given the fact that they pay $14/hour to full time workers, I’m sure they’ll have no problem filling jobs. As for the boycott, I guess the left will just have to find their scrapbooking supplies elsewhere.


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  1. “You know nothing says feminist to me like demanding that men pay for the pills to get you out of the family way.”


    Thanks for the great post.

  2. I have no ovaries to calm. My objection is because now that Hobby Lobby (and a gazillion other corporations soon to follow) can opt-out of paying for a medical treatment on religious grounds – I, as a taxpayer, will get the bill for their employee’s care. Those weasels stuck me with the check!

    I enjoyed the vitality of your writing style.

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