From Underwear and Shoes to Sports Team Names and Sodas: How Similar Are We to Russia Anyway?

350px-Washington_Redskins_logo.svgIn February, when Russian made a move to ban lace underwear for the safety of women’s lady parts, my reaction was kind of “haha, Russia bans things, silly Russia, but really what were we expecting?” Because that’s Russia in a nutshell. Sometimes I get the picture that the men and women in the Kremlin would really enjoy going back to the time where, according to most tales, people had just a handful of government approved choices for clothing and stood in bread lines, starving to death in the winter.

Am I exaggerating the issue? Yeah, probably, but the fact is that Russia has a habit of banning things because they think their populace is too stupid to make decisions on their own…or at least too stupid to make the state approved decisions.

Ban gay “propaganda” to keep people from turning gay.

Ban women from wearing high heels  or men from wearing loafers, because the government has decided they are bad for you.

Ban lacy underwear because it’s not “healthy” for women.

Who cares if you want to choose to damage your feet by wearing heels (they hurt like hell, but I don’t really care, it’s my choice to wear them) or wear lace underwear or if you want to make out with someone of the same sex? How is that hurting the Russian government exactly? Even if any of the above WERE unhealthy for the individual, isn’t it the individuals decision to harm themselves if they wish?

Who knows, but if a few Russian politicians decide how it’s best for you to live your life, then you’d better do it.

Hmm…that sounds sort of familiar actually.

In New York City the new mayor vowed to continue the fight to ban sodas over the size of 16 ounces.

Why? Because it’s bad for us and he knows how to live our lives better than we do.

E-cigs? Those have got to go, even though they are less harmful to the smoker (and have zero risks for “second-hand” smokers) while they battle to allow recreational marijuana use.

The government here doesn’t care about our freedom to choose how to live our life, harmful though our choices might be, anymore than the Kremlin does.

Our government doesn’t even want us making decisions on what to name our sports teams without their approval, proven when they yanked a trademark out from under the Washington Redskins this week.

Why? Because the government has decided that they will only protect your intellectual property as long as they decide it’s not offensive someone. This won’t stop the Redskins from calling their team whatever they want or selling their merchandise, but it does send the very clear message that our government has decided that you are only deserving of the full protection of the law if they believe you are politically correct enough to not offend anyone.

So really, how different are we from Russia when it comes to government control of our lives?


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