American Progressivism: The Ultimate Catfish

CatfishTheTVShowMy sister loves this MTV show called Catfish, she can literally sit and watch marathons of the show, whereas I can make it through maybe one episode before I become so disgusted with humanity that I want to give up on it and go live on the top of a mountain somewhere for the rest of my life.

The basic premise of the show is that two guys, Nev and Max, help people who are in relationships where they have never met each other and where one believes that they are being “catfished” by their long distance/internet significant other.

Catfishing is lying about your identity in order to build a relationship. Some of the culprits do it for attention, some for money and gifts, and some just because they are pure sociopaths who enjoy screwing with people.

Sadly, though I feel a certain amount of sadness for the plight of the people on the show who have been lied too, I also think they are usually pretty naive and really kind of dim-witted. They ignored all the signs, believed all the excuses, and let these people railroad them with pretty lies that made them feel a lot better than the inevitable hard truth of the situation. Things don’t seem quite right and the things that their girlfriend or boyfriend say to them just doesn’t quite match up, but because they want so badly to believe in the comfortable promises of their significant other, they ignore all the things that don’t pass the sniff test.

Here’s the thing, that’s what progressive ideology is.

It’s one giant, centuries long, Catfish.

Obama, Ayers, Clinton, and all the others preaching similar ideologies to them, are the Catfish Kings.

They promise things they can’t deliver, with ever changing dates of completion. Their plans fall through and their excuses are flimsy at best. Everything they say sounds nice, but in the end it has no substance.

The people who buy into it, forgive the inconsistencies and ignore the signs that the ideology is a little too good to be true, are the marks and they are buying it; hook, line, and sinker.

Universal healthcare was a massive fail, more people are visiting the ER than ever and extremely high numbers of people lost their insurance or had higher premiums.

Gun control is only a good thing when it comes to American citizens, while drug cartels get a free pass.

“Never leave a man behind” only applies to deserters and traitors, not our allies or civilians.

The IRS can get away with pretty much anything they want, never held to accountability.

But in the end, to quote some politician, what difference does it make? As long as they are promising free birth control, gay marriage, increased minimum wage, and welfare programs for all…well who cares if the reality of those promises is an unstable economy? Who cares if what they promise is unconstitutional, has little chance of successful follow through, and even less chance of being maintained long term?

The promises make people feel good and that’s what matters to them.

I’m not talking about the people who know very well that what they are buying into is a racket. Dianne Feinstein isn’t being catfished, neither is Harry Reid or Michelle Obama or any number of other political commentators, or the IRS. They are the ones catfishing us.

I’m talking about the average everyday people that you run into on the street, argue with at work, or spar with on the internet. They are being catfished and, while it’s hard to respect them, it’s not hard to see why they are willing to be railroaded by an ideology that promises such a comforting fiction, while telling them to believe that anyone who disagrees is a monstrously evil person who wants the world to burn due to global warming, wants to club baby seals and poison water and air, and starve little children whose family are on food stamps.

I have had friends who were obviously being catfished and everyone around them knew it. The sad thing was that they would fight you to the death, rationalize anything slightly off about their “friend”, and ignore every shred of evidence that you brought to them. You became their enemy because you were jeopardizing their pretty lies and it would hurt to have those lies come crashing down around them.

So you’re only recourse, sometimes, was to let it all crash down and pick up the pieces afterward.

Can we get people to recognize the truth? That their beautiful image of society, as handed to them by progressive ideology, is a fraud? Do we have to wait for them to realize it for themselves?

Hopefully, either way, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

Already we can see a collapse in the fiction, people who are finding it hard to believe the lies are being fed to us (I mean, really, who believes that the IRS just conveniently lost the 2 years of emails pertinent to a congressional investigation…really?) but how fast will it happen and will people wake up in time?





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  1. In the strict sense of the definition of the word “progress”, I believe it is psychologically healthier to foster a sense of hope (even unrealistic hope) than it is to be motivated primarily by fear and distrust. That politicians can have the same flaws as my friends and neighbors, and that people in positions of power sometimes lie and commit misdeeds, does not dissuade me from preferring to call myself “progressive”. That said, there are bad actors in every party. No one’s got a monopoly, or even a broad majority coalition, on the human capacity for evil.

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