A Conservative Celebrity Isn’t Necessarily A Good Spokesperson

open-mouth-and-insert-footI’m talking more about Phil Robertson being invited to speak at the Republican Leadership Conference, rather that the recent news that Stacy Dash will be a new commentator at Fox News.

See the facts are that just someone being famous does not necessarily make them a great spokesperson for your party.* Stacy Dash, while I have no idea whether she really knows what she’s talking about, doesn’t put her foot in her mouth and generally acts as a top notch spokesperson for the Republican party and conservatism. (I might be biased since I watched Clueless enough times to quote whole sections when I was junior high, but whatever).

Phil Robertson does none of those things for our parties public image.

Look, it’s not like I hate Phil Robertson. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy overall and probably a really funny redneck type that a lot of far right conservatives admire and look up to. He’s successful and honest…unfortunately that ensures he has a massive audience looking on every time he sticks his foot in his mouth.

Once what happened…happened, he ceased to be a great spokesperson for our cause.** It would be like the Democratic National Convention inviting a known rapist to…okay, bad example.

Oh here’s a good example.

Even if I agreed with everything that Todd Akin, believed in, he still wouldn’t be a good spokesperson for the RLC anymore. He opened his mouth, inserted his food, and shoved it so far down his throat that he kicked his own ass (and his reputation along with it) into a pit of mud. We don’t want him running for office, we don’t want him speaking as an authority of any sort in our party. This isn’t because we hate him personally, or even want to punish him for his comments, we just know that from a public relations perspective it would hurt us more than help us.

I personally give a flying flip what Robertson said. The issue is we are giving him a platform at the Republican Leadership Conference, which makes no sense . What does he know about politics really? What can he possibly share with us that will help us get the Senate and Presidency back?

All his presence will do is feed the idea that A.) Republicans are hick rednecks and B.) Republicans are homophobic.*** It will also help alienate us from independent, moderate, and libertarian voters.

Here’s the point, I understand that we all get excited when a celebrity comes out as conservative. It’s a pretty rare, and therefore noteworthy for us. That does not make them a great spokesperson and in no way means we need to invite them to be a speaker at a political conference. Their reputation affects our reputation ten-fold if we invite them to speak for us. If they’ve said or done something that is going to alienate voters and give our enemies fresh firepower, well…

We have enough problems in the next two election cycles without going out of our way to alienate swing votes.

Think about it.


*Let me remind you that being a good spokesperson, as far as PR goes anyway, rarely has anything to do with actually knowing what you are talking about about everything to do with how you represent the party. Also, on a related note…why the hell do we still let Ted Nugent speak for Republicans, ever?

**As long as our cause is still, you know, winning elections. We sort of need a lot more than just the Tea Party and social conservatives voting for us if so.

***And rally nominal support from social conservatives and the Tea Party who probably would vote Republican anyway.



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