Why I Don’t Mock Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls Photo

MichelleObamaBringBackOurGirlsHashtags are not going to save the 200+ plus girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria, that’s definitely true, but Michelle Obama has functionally no other way to help those girls and neither do most of the people tweeting this hashtag. What we do have the power to do is to raise awareness of a situation.

What else are we bloggers doing? Whether we talk about Benghazi or political campaigns or movie reviews, we do it to raise awareness in our audience. Some of us happen to have a larger audience than others, Michelle Obama (whether you like her or not) is one of those people. Her audience is in the millions…probably the billions actually. As the First Lady she has international recognition, not always good recognition, but the things she says or does always hit the international news level.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate her (and I rarely use that word to describe anyone). She’s hypocritical, only seems to do things based on how good the photo op will be, and she dresses horribly*, but she has international influence and when she uses it to raise awareness of real issues, rather than using it to try to tell people what to eat, I have to give her credit for using what power she has in a worthy way.

Will #BringBackOurGirls trending on twitter or making it’s rounds in a picture of Michelle Obama make Boko Haram suddenly feel guilt for kidnapping and selling off teen girls, make them apologize and mend their ways by returning the girls to their families?

Not a chance.

But it will give people the chance to know what is happening and maybe encourage people to take a stand and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe that international outrage will have an effect on the response to help retrieve the girls, maybe it won’t, but I refuse to act like it’s any less useful than a blogger writing about their outrage over the issue.

Our time would be better spent talking about the actual issue at hand, and the side issue of violence and disrespect toward women fueled by Islam, than mocking Michelle Obama. I know it’s less fun, but it has the added benefit of not making us look like dicks.

Which I find to be preferable.


*Look, saying she’s as stylish as Jackie O. is insulting to Jackie O. and does zero to help fix Michelle’s delusion that she has style. She needs help.

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  1. I have said this else where in reference to the same point you have made…
    I believe the mocking has occurred because the husband of the moron in this picture ignored not only the terrorist group that committed this crime but terrorist groups the world over, letting them all regroup, gain power, and become brazen enough to pull off crimes like this with impunity. While a little callous, the editing of this picture isn’t a tenth as callous as the lack of concern for the world by letting terrorist run roughshod over thousands of innocent people the world over.

    This was preventable. Numerous members of Congress were calling for the White House to do something long before this crime and feigning compassion now deserves to treated as the joke this administration has treated the safety of innocents the world over.

    Also can we talk about the depravity that White House will tweet a hastag for this cause and nothing else? The has to be a way to humiliate and insult this idiot over her act here, granted the mocking that has occurred so far has been very crass…but none of it has bee more crass than Michelle and the White House putting out this picture when they did nothing in six years to try and stop terrorism.

    • I’ll grant you that, but Michelle can’t force her husband or congress to do anything and I think bloggers acting high and mighty and pretending that what they are doing is of any more use to those girls than what Michelle is doing, is pretty damn silly.
      True, it’s ironic that her husband had the power to fix this before it came to this problem…or at least attempt, but that doesn’t make it wrong for Michelle to send out this sort of message to raise awareness.

      • Yeah, but let’s be honest here. This picture wasn’t about what Michelle believes in or wants to do. This was a move by White House public relations trying to preemptively get out in front of the complaints the White House did nothing. Jay Carney, Valerie Jarrett and Barry had more to do in Michelle taking that picture than Michelle did.

        • I’m sure, like I said she only does good when it makes a good photo op, but most complaints circle around “Bah, she thinks a hashtag is going to do anything?” rather than “She’s only doing this for press.”

          People seem to be ignoring that raising awareness is actually important.

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