#Hashtags: The Great Desensitizer

I think I have discovered the main cause — not a cause — but the “main cause” (see what I did there?) for this #Hashtag craze plaguing not just Americans, but the entire world. It helps those who wish us to continue to sit back and do nothing feel like we are actively participating in world events by simply using a #hashtag in our social networking lives. It’s serving to further perpetuate our relationships with technology instead of with each other. I find it truly disheartening how many people actually believe they are helping (or worse, feel better about themselves) because they “bravely” took a picture of themselves holding up the latest #hashtag craze! No IDIOT, that does NOT do ANYTHING for the cause currently being grossly pimped out to society. In fact, you have only made something very serious and oft times life threatening into a JOKE. Aren’t we proud?

What’s even worse is when those in power participate in the #hashtag mockery of a very serious world issue. Case in point? The image below is NOT a joke and our First Lady actually posed for this picture. It wasn’t until I saw this that I felt it necessary to implore THINKING people to stop this cycle before we become so numb to what is really happening in the world and turn tragedy into the latest #hashtag-fad! Let’s not allow images, like the one below, become the record of our time for how we handled serious world issues.


What makes this picture even worse is the look of (what would you call that?) pity on her face, as if she feels SO sad about what has gone on with the abducted girls in Nigeria she just HAD to post this picture with the appropriately coined #hashtag, and now ALL is right with the world…

NO, First Lady Michelle Obama, all is NOT right with the world and your face, however well contrived and rehearsed, will do NOTHING to help those abducted girls in Nigeria! All you’ve managed to do is take a position of power, which you ACTUALLY have, and diminish it to a pathetic photo! You and your husband can ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about the injustices that go on in the world and within our boarders! You have the power to influence hearts and minds (if used wisely) but instead you choose to be “popular” and put back on the sheep clothing you wear so often to pretend as if you’ve done all you can. As if your little #hashtag photo will be a reason why that terrorist has a change of heart and releases his captives!

Good God what has become of us!?

Have we truly become so blind to humanity and the community around us? We’ve allowed technology, more specifically, selfies, to be the way in which we choose to lessen our guilt of feeling like we’ve done nothing? And now, because we see our First Lady & celebrities “showing their support” with whatever damn #hashtag is popular this week, we follow suit and are satisfied that we’ve done our part??

This is unacceptable and none of us should be satisfied. I refuse to have a First Lady who thinks that is appropriate or “enough” because it isn’t on both counts. And I know it will never happen or even be suggested, but an apology should be given. Not only to the mothers and families of the abducted girls in Nigeria, but also to the mothers and families here in America and around the world. For a family that is quick to relate a tragedy back to themselves, if they wanted to capitalize on this very real issue, they could SPEAK on how they’d feel if it were their children who was taken and what they would do. I’d like to think if the daughters (God forbid) of the First Family were abducted they would do much more than take a picture holding up a #hashtag sign that reads “#BringBackOurGirls”!

Please tell me I’m not the only one disturbed by this? Please restore my faith in humanity and tell me you find this as unacceptable as I do?

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