Harry Reid Continues to Tug the Koch Brothers’ Pigtails

Harry Reid has a massive…obsession with Koch. He’s brought them up ad nauseum over the past few months, so much so that the Washington Free Beacon put together a video montage of his many mentions…which numbered at 134 (since February) at the time this video was created.

I'm blaming Alzheimers, he's repeating himself a lot.

I’m blaming Alzheimers, he’s repeating himself a lot.

Not only does he think that the Koch brothers are some sort of dark money group secretly controlling the entire Republican party (they are Jewish after all, so I guess he has a point*), which is funny, considering they don’t even make the top 20 in political donations from 1989 to 2014 (in fact on Open Secrets list of heavy hitter donations, Koch Industries comes in at #59, while 12 of the top 20 lean ‘strongly Democrat’ in donations…hmm, who is controlling whom?), but he has taken a hold on the brothers’ pigtails once more this week in a desperate plea to get them to pay attention to him. Apparently the Koch brothers are, all by themselves, one of the main causes of climate change. Yeah, you read that right. Harry Reid has lost his mind. At this point I’m fairly certain that the Koch brothers could find some way to sue Reid for slander, unless (like insider trading) that’s something that members of congress can’t get into trouble for. _______________ *SARCASM!!!!


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  1. Can anyone watch him speak, and not think of Alzheimers?

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