Tina Fey: Another Liberal Hypocrite

Warren Buffett has companies that owe insane amounts of back taxes to the IRS.

Well he did in 2012 anyway, I doubt he’s paid them off.

Yes, this is the same Buffett who thinks that taxes on the rich need to go up.

Strangely he seems to think that while the other hoi polloi need to pay more, but he can just screw around and avoid paying taxes himself, because the liberal way is built on the basis of do as I say, not as I do. They know what is best for you, even when it’s not what’s best for them. Like the Nancy Pelosi’s and Obama’s of the world who talk about “living wages” while not paying their interns anything at all.

Unsurprisingly this applies to the extremely vocal and visible members of the Hollywood liberal elites.

Just don't get injured while getting it done, because I forgot to pay for that workman's comp shit...

Just don’t get injured while getting it done, because I forgot to pay for that workman’s comp shit…

Tina Fey could never be considered anything other than a liberal. That’s not even in question. She supports the whole deal from Obamacare to raising the minimum wage, yet somehow she’s been hit with a workman’s comp judgment to the tune of $79,000.

The Workers’ Compensation Board lodged the judgmentagainst Fey last week in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. State records indicate that the 43-year-old entertainer is being dunned for “Failure to Carry Workers’ Comp Ins” from late-2012 through last month.

“Final Notice” regarding the $79,000 debt is addressed to Elizabeth T. Fey at a Manhattan address that, records show, has been the headquarters for the former “Saturday Night Live” star’s production company, Little Stranger Inc..

A liberal not carrying workman’s comp insurance for their employees?

For over a year?

But, but, but I thought liberals cared about their employees?

I wonder how much she pays her interns…

The thing is this is not shocking and it’s not going to change. Liberals tend to think they are higher than the rest of us, that they don’t have to follow the rules they put on the rest of the peasantry.

Do as I say, not as I do.

That’s liberalism in a nutshell. We’ll spy on you, take your money, and tell you how to live your life…but don’t dare tell us how to live ours.

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