Is Heterosexual Also a Slur?

It’s not as if I go around referring to myself as a “homosexual” all the time, but it’s not a slur. It’s basically a scientific classification. I don’t call myself a homo sapiens either, not because it’s pejorative, but because it’s so gosh darn technical and boring.

Homosexual is literally the combination of the Greek word for same (Homos) and sexual. Same sex…as in “Same Sex Marriage” or “attracted to the same sex”. It’s  a literal explanation of the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians. They are sexually attracted to the same gender.

Heterosexual is a combination of the Greek for different or other (Heteros) and sexual. Different/Other sex, once again a literal explanation of a straight person’s sexual orientation, they are sexually attracted to the other gender.

Bisexual also comes from a combination of the Latin root for two (Bi) combined with sexual. Two sex, a (nearly) literally explanation of a bisexual’s orientation, they are sexually attracted to two genders.

It’s not a slur, as Media Matters has now somehow come to believe.

Referring to gay people as “homosexual” is a practice that’s quickly falling out of favor with major news outlets due the term’s often pejorative connotation and frequent use by opponents of LGBT equality. But Fox News has yet to update its language when referring to gay and lesbian people.

Media Matters

This is literally the most contrived and ridiculous complaint I’ve seen on Media Matters…and that’s saying something.

Now most of the straight people I know do not refer to themselves as “heterosexuals” when referring to their sexual orientation. It’s “I’m straight” or “I like men/women” depending on their gender. That doesn’t mean heterosexual is a pejorative nor would any of them think that it was. It’s a technical and, dare I say it, scientific term…which is usually used in technical or scientific conversations.

This is just another shifting goal post of the left.

In the end, it’s never going to matter what word we use on the right because they will just shift the goal post and pretend we are being hateful and bigoted when we use technical terminology.

And I thought Republicans were supposed to be the anti-science ones.



Guess what word means “attracted to the same sex” in many languages?

Albanian: homoseksual

Catalan: homosexual

Croatian: homoseksualac

Czech: homosexuál

Dutch: homo

Finnish: homo

French: homosexual

German: Homosexuell

Indonesian: homoseks

Latvian: homoseksuāls

Well you get the picture.


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