Ask The Diva 3.14 The Pi Edition


Hello dahlings! I was told that title would be cute. I personally don’t get it. Sorry I’m a tad bit late on my column, but I just got back from Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day.  Did Diva Qyou know they don’t celebrate it over there like we do over here? You would have thought I learned my lesson after going to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo 2 years ago.

Dear Diva Q,

What are the preferred methods to combat sleep deprivation?

Oh dear. I don’t suffer from that. You see I do yoga every day & get massages 3 times a week. I sleep wonderfully. What to do when you don’t have the time & money like I do. I hear there are some OTC medication that can help. Ooh! If you have a significant other, I hear ‘rigorous’ activity can help people relax. Good luck! 

Dear Diva Q,

I bought the perfect dress for my school’s prom. The problem is my frenemy bought the same dress! I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to take the dress back, it looks gorgeous on me. Do I ask her to take her’s back and get something different?

This question is up my alley! Easy peasy, dahling. The answer is wear the dress better. Make sure your hair is coiffed just right. Not too much makeup. Wear the proper accessories. Don’t wear too many. And your shoes, your shoes should be FABULOUS!! The perfect accent to the dress. Finish it off with a million dollar smile. You’ll be turning heads all night. 


Do you need some life advice and don’t know where to turn? Email your questions to No email address is ever sold or told. Confidentially is strictly enforced. Until next month, my dahlings!

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