Ways to win in an election year #3: Get started with campaigns early on


This cannot be the first time you think about the election.

How many rallies have you attended this year?  How many campaigns have you contributed to?  Which offices are up in your state this year and which have primaries?


I’m not going to force you to answer those questions…but let’s be honest here, you’re probably a little ashamed of the answers if at the same time you want to consider yourself a politically active person.  I understand. You have a life. And there are just so many things out there to worry about that it’s hard to keep track of everything.


But the fact of the matter is that one of main reasons we lost taking control of the Senate in the last two cycles, and we lost the presidency last time is not because the party didn’t spend enough money or the establishment came out with the wrong message…it’s that sane people did the sane thing and worried more about their lives than about politics leaving most of the grassroots messaging to the crazier fringe elements of the party.  They endorsed wacky people who talked about their early careers as witches, or dragged out dangerous primaries supporting communist loving scum whose only platform points were banning abortion, birth control, and porn (Ricky I’m looking at you, you worthless sack of offal)…or worst of all you have the fringe nearly deifying pundits who’s political record includes raising corporate taxes, violating contract law and supporting the most RINO of all Senate candidates.


Maybe this time we should not let the lunatic fringe who thinks that the only things that matter are abortion and not being part of the mythical “establishment”*…maybe the rest of us should get involved and prevent another disaster from coming about…

…maybe, just a thought.


So what does this mean?


Well first off it means you have to know what’s the most important things to worry about.


  • The most important thing of all is the Senate.   We take the Senate we are in a position to control things again (some sanity at least)…or at the very least make things so bad for the Democrats we can take the White House easily in 2016**  33 seats in the Senate are up for election, 15 of them are held by Republicans (we need to keep those!) and we need to

    This man and his power must be destroyed.

    win six of the remaining 18.  If we can win 6+ then we are in a position to bring issues to the floor of the Senate and maybe, just maybe scare enough Democrats into overriding a veto or two (it’s a long shot but the more seats we get the better position we’ll be in).  More likely we’ll be able to hold investigations in both Houses of Congress on the multiple illegal acts of this administration and at least tie their criminal hands from doing too much in 2016.


  • The next most important is the governor’s races.  We need to have a strong united front of Republican governors to stand against this jackass tyrant of a president.


  • Following that I would say it’s an equally important issue of the House of Representatives and the state legislatures.  We need to not only keep the House but gain in the House if for no other reason than to make the Democrats waste as much cash as possible to hold onto what they have.


  • And last but not least are all the other state positions.  The most important of these would of course be Attorney General (the people who should be suing Obama for his numerous unconstitutional acts) and Secretary of State (the people observing how elections are done, i.e. the ones who will help ensure legality of votes – maybe push for ID restrictions prior to 2016, which would encourage the Feds to follow suit.  (Also everyone is talking about Constitutional Amendments these days…guess what an Amendment takes ¾’s or 38 states…the GOP only controls 27 state legislatures…that means we need another 11).


Now obviously even if you decide to get involved, there is no way a normal person can focus on all of these. So here are some helpful tricks.
First, worry most about your state.  Even if your state is redder than red and every single spot in every district you live in is going to a Republican you need to get involved in at least one of these campaigns.  You need to be involved in local grassroots in some way not just because you want to win this election, but because you want to be reaching out now to the moderates who may not swing the election in your area but who may talk to their friends and help swing an election in some other area.  All politics is local is the old adage, while it may not always hold up, to forget to be involved in the local grassroots needs of your area is long term suicide for your beliefs.


Second, focus right now more on primaries than general elections.   If a candidate has no real primary challenges then focus more on the ones with the primary challenges.  And remember the Buckley Rule: Vote for the most conservative candidate who can win. Getting your beloved Tea Party candidate who can’t win the general election is merely a vote for Democrats and giving Barrack Obama power.


Third, giving money is good, but giving time is far more effective. An hour of your time collecting signatures or calling people on the phone is going to be infinitely more valuable than a $5 donation.  Give money but if you really want to do something you need to call the campaign and ask what you can do to help.  Ask if they have one of the calling systems where, even if you’re not in the state you can help call potential voters.  For candidates in your area see if they need help walking precincts.


And be informed.  Nothing is more damaging to a candidate or your values than to not know what the issues in the campaign are, what you and the candidates believe and how to properly articulate them (which requires you know the facts of the issue) and sell them (which requires that you can translate those facts into something that affects people in their daily lives).


Do not let the fringe wreck us yet again.  Get involved now, be active and aggressive in doing what you believe in, but don’t forget to temper it with common sense and pragmatism in who you support and how you convince moderates to join our side.




*Honestly the way pundits for the Tea Party talk about “the establishment” is the way people on Coast to Coast talk about the Illuminati or the way Ron Paul describes the Jews…some shadowy evil group that controls all through means that aren’t quite clear but who have nefarious goals (again we’re not quite sure what they are, but we don’t like them).

**That of course is assuming, again, that we don’t do anything stupid like nominate Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Chris Christie. Any of those three is the kiss of death for America.

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