Mr. Peabody & Sherman


A delightfully amusing movie sure to keep the entire family laughing. With plenty of jokes for the kids and the parents it is a delightful little film about history, family, and adventure–Relatively Spoiler Free


From what I understand Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a movie version of the classic cartoon called Peabody’s Improbably

History which aired during the Rocky and Bullwinkle show in the 1960′s. Having never seen the original I have nothing to compare it to. What I can say is that Mr. Peabody & Sherman was a delight to watch and it had be laughing from beginning to end.

To make a long story short Mr. Peabody is indeed a dog who is far above the intelligence of the average dog, and the average human as well. He adopts Sherman as a baby and raises him as any father would. He teaches him about science, culture, and history with the help of a time machine called the WABAC (pronounced Way-Back).  This guarantees that there will be time travel shenanigans and who doesn’t love those?

This is an incredible tale of family, friendship and Whovian-esque adventures. Yes, Doctor Who fans, you will enjoy yourselves here too. The film is packed with humor both historical and not. Mr. Peabody throws out quite the number of typical “Dad” jokes. There are scenes of Revolutionary France, Troy, the Founding Fathers, DaVinci, and more.

Sherman is your average seven-year-old who loves adventure and is incredibly smart, add that and a little headstrong girl named Penny and you’ve got trouble and more time travel shenanigans. I cannot express the time travel shenanigans enough.  Penny is a wild card in the film and shows herself to be a girl out for adventure.

So what can the adults take away from this movie? Well as lover of history that was a factor for me and some of the amazing references and hints in this movie will have you rolling on the floor.

This is very much a kids’ movie, but it is a Dreamworks movie, so if you know you Dreamworks you know there is plenty of fun for the adults as well. There are a few plot hickups and cheesiness with a bit of a rushed climax, but it is beyond delightful and even has a bit of Mel Brooks thrown in.

So if you like comedy, you like history and you love time travel this is definitely the film you want to see. It is fun for the whole family and I highly recommend seeing it.

Overall grade: B

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