Let’s Ban Banning!!


   BAN THE WORD ‘BOSSY’!                                                                                      ban

                                  BAN THE PHRASE ‘BE A MAN’ OR ‘MAN UP’!

              BAN TRANS FAT!


                      BAN ASSAULT KNIVES!!!!

It seems every time you turn on the TV lately, we are told we need to ban something for the ‘greater good’ or because ‘feelings’.


How are children supposed to learn to overcome adversity or think outside the box if we bubble wrap and disinfect the world around them?

“Triumph is born out of struggle, faith is the alchemist. If you want pictures like these, you’ll need to use some dark colors.” – God (Bruce Almighty)

I love this quote. You need some dark times, some trials in life. If you don’t, you’ll have no depth to your life portrait. Bright colors are fine, but they pop more when paired with a deep color.

Growing up, majority of the comics I watched were either Jewish or Black. Gee, I wonder what else these two groups have in common? Oh yeah. They were oppressed for generations. Humor was a way for them to find hope and to deal with life. God bless them for it! When was the last time you saw a WASP-y trust fund baby be intentionally funny?

When you take away everything that ‘might’ hurt, life becomes boring. When life becomes boring, you don’t use your brain. When you don’t use your brain, you become soft. When you become soft, that’s when the robots rise up and become our overlords. Wait… that was a movie I watched, but you get the idea. The point is, in this life, your feelings will be hurt. Nothing can change that. Its called reality. It sucks sometimes, you get used to it. The nice thing is, it does make you stronger.

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