Bankrupt: A Love Story


Bankrupt tells the epic love story of the UAW, GM, and the Federal Government. They had a love so strong, they had a child we all know as modern-day Detroit, and what the effects are when you feed the child sugar-coated dreams that crash in the long run.


At this year’s CPAC, I was able to attend the viewing of Bankrupt: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit. I watched it when it was first released, but every time I watch it I learn a little more. Ben Howe, Mister Smith Media, and FTR Media did an excellent job telling the story of what happened in Detroit. I grew up on the west side of Michigan and never heard 75% of what was in the documentary.

Grab some popcorn & notebook. Its a good film.

I truly believe that every taxpayer should watch Bankrupt. I also believe it should be shown in every U.S. History, Business, and Economics class. The documentary is 41 minutes long, which fits into most class structures. It shows the transition of Detroit booming with jobs and hope to the wasteland we know now. It also shows how the UAW and other unions played an integral part in leading the city down that path. We need to start learning from these failures. If anything, learn from Poletown. Destroying a close-knit neighborhood for essentially nothing or I could guess it was to show power.

I will be posting Ben’s Q&A, but I want to share two things that I got from it. #1 – That instead of selling the documentary, he is keeping it as a free for view on YouTube because he want people to have access to the truth. There is so much untruth out there, that we need to start balancing it out. #2 – Ben would like to a follow-up on Bankrupt. I hope he does. There’s always more to the story. You can always dig a little deeper.

This is Q&A following the CPAC viewing.

We should be upset by was done to Detroit. We should really be upset on how the American taxpayer got screwed by the bailout deal.  We should be royally upset with what they think of us.  My recommendation is to watch, then share this documentary. We need to get the truth to go viral.


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