The Numbers* Are In & The Left Should be Worried

*because the numbers don’t lie…


Reports are coming out FINALLY about the “actual” number of Americans who’ve successfully enrolled in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and the Left would have you believe it makes us “doomsayers” arguments look badly! Do not be fooled! Honestly, after seeing the numbers for myself I don’t know how anyone who isn’t a complete and total idiot could be fooled! Especially with the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) predicting anywhere from 4-7 million people who were once insured (mostly through their employer) will end up losing their insurance due to this wonderful health care mandate EVERY YEAR! These numbers DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, count those who are already uninsured. Remember them? They’re the reason why we had to pass the bill before we could know what was truly in it (as Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi pointed out to us). Now we’ve passed it and it turns out there is so much in it our President doesn’t like that he is exercising his Executive Powers to simply delay whatever he doesn’t like! He does it all in the interest of fairness of course. But I digress…

So, before I get onto the numbers that the Left will surely (if they haven’t already) be parading for the next several weeks going into months, I want to discuss even more stark raving mad numbers, with regards to Obamacare. Did you know that when it was FIRST brought to the floor the bill was technically only 2,000 pages long. Now you may be asking yourself, “and no one read it? It’s not THAT long!” Well, Jim,  two thousand pages in fact is long. Especially when you have a clock ticking (which the Left did have) for the amount of time given before the law would be voted on. But I’m digressing from my point again! Now, since this bill was passed there have been countless regulations added as mostly ALL laws that are passed by Congress need in order to be better understood and implemented correctly. That is understandable right? However, there is a line between a few regulations and having a bill that today is now in excess of 33,000 pages! Stacking them up (as Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell did) you can see just what that looks like! Over 7′ tall!


Again, you might be thinking to yourself, “well Erica, you silly goose, this healthcare law needs to be understood and implemented throughout 50 states that already have their own complicated systems and now have to change because of this mandate.” I’d simply argue, what was so terrible about the way things were before again? And I mean that sincerely. Because before this healthcare law passed I don’t recall ever hearing or reading about millions of Americans (already covered) losing their insurance, and their jobs as well, for the sake of providing healthcare for 45 million people, who, quite honestly, already had several means of receiving healthcare (short of simply walking into any hospital emergency room) and receiving better care than most of us who pay into the healthcare that we have! So please, tell me the positives about having a healthcare law that seems to be adding almost 1,000 pages of regulations every year? That’s close to 1.2 millions words worth of regulations (for all you statistic geeks out there).

But onto more pressing numbers. The numbers that should be making us Conservatives (including the Tea Party, Libertarians, and common sense Democrats) who’ve been carrying the banner that this healthcare law would turn out to be the biggest disaster our economy has ever known. If you recall 45-47 million is the number that this Administration and its minions were touting before they proposed Obamacare. It was the reason for it. We were heartless Americans if we didn’t want to provide good quality healthcare to those 45 million (including helpless women and children) who don’t have or have never had health insurance. So the government does what it “thinks” it does best and forced it down the throats of hard working citizens. And now that it’s been here for close to 4 months now I believe, how well has it been doing? Keeping in mind the website operations and implementation came in WAY below even sub-par standards. But also remember we’re talking about over 45 million Americans who are literally DYING for healthcare coverage! I would wager, if that were the case, in 4 months time at least half would be signed up already? No? Okay, let’s give a little slack because of all the technical glitches and say just 10% would have signed up. I’m talking about 10% of the 45 million. My numbers would NOT include ANY of those who have lost their coverage BECAUSE of Obamacare. They can’t count, otherwise those saying this was a great idea were lying about everything! And we all know the government can always be trusted don’t we? So, let’s see how Obamacare is doing shall we? Prepare to be shaking in your boots America!


Boom! NEARLY 3.3 million people have signed up for Obamacare! WOWZERS! That nearly knocked the wind out of my sails I’m telling ya! Can you imagine THAT many have signed up already? It’s staggering really. Uhm, no, no it isn’t. I see that many people just commuting to and from work everyday in New York City (probably more). In fact, that isn’t a number I’d want getting around especially if this was supposed to be providing coverage to AT LEAST 45 million already uninsured Americans! Notice how they neglect to tell us how many of that NEARLY 3.3 million people are those who HAD insurance already when Obamacare became law? You know, those idiots who were told by some random dope over and over and over again that if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance. Who was that clown anyway? Or better yet, who were those idiots who believed that clown?

Now we can look forward to even more people losing their healthcare coverage, more people joining the unemployment line (because employers are still in the throes of choosing between lowering worker hours, worker pay, or firing to afford quality coverage for the employees they keep), which means adding so much more people to that ever growing list of Food Stamp recipients. But whose ashamed of that? The government should be paying for the food we eat. Thereby perpetuating my prediction that (for me) this President will go down in history as “The Food Stamp President.” Be proud America. Be proud.


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