The Fair Share Problem

The greater good. Fair share. These things are important to the current administration. For most of us, we believed these things to be important at one point in our lives. Usually in childhood. As we got older, and presumably wiser, we slowly came to the realization of what these terms truly mean and we are not ok with it.

Making things fair is anything but fair.

Let me illustrate this point. Susie is a 4.0 student. She forgoes parties and other activities to focus on her grades because she knows doing well will help her in the long run. She is smart, capable and has fully earned her GPA.

Mark is a 2.0 student. He does enough to not fail, but the idea of missing the epic Frat party on Saturday night so he can get a B or A on the test is ridiculous to him. While he doesn’t work hard, he has enough brains to make sure he stays off academic probation.

The school administration decides to enact a fairness program. They compile all the GPAs of all the students, then average it out and that’s the GPA each and every student will have going forward. Simply put, averaging Susie’s GPA with Mark’s GPA gives both of them a GPA of 3.0. Who benefitted and who lost?

Now try this on for size: What if the school administration had enacted a tutoring program? They could have matched up Susie with Mark. Now, in this scenario Susie does not need to sacrifice her GPA to Mark. She can maintain her 4.0 while simultaneously helping Mark to raise his to a 3.0. Everyone wins!

This applies to money as well. When I work for a living, I should get to keep what I earn. However, that’s not what happens. I am taxed. Those taxes, at least in part, go to individuals who do not work and have not earned the benefit of my wages. This is called wealth redistribution…fair share. There is nothing fair about it. It is theft.

Now, if I was able to keep my earnings (seeing as I was the one to put in the work to earn them) and then decide to give money to a cause of my choosing, this is charity. It is a better system to aid people. Those who have can CHOOSE to help those who have not, on their terms and in their own way. Everyone wins!

Make no mistake, making everything fair hurts more people than it helps. It takes away from those who work hard and does nothing to teach those who don’t work hard to want to better themselves. Why would it? I don’t know very many people who would turn down money for nothing. In fact, Dire Straits had a hit song titled this…and I shall leave you with it!

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