Russia: We Were Going to Ban Gay Propaganda…but Lesbian Sex Really Sells so…

We’ll run away, keep everything simple
Night will come down, our guardian angel
We rush ahead, the crossroads are empty
Our spirits rise, they’re not gonna get us

My love for you, always forever
Just you and me, all else is nothing
Not going back, not going back there
They don’t understand,
They don’t understand us

t.A.T.u.’s Not Gonna Get Us

Some teenage girls in my age group had obsessions with Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera (and let’s not even think about the feuds that liking one or the other if your friends were in the opposite camp) I of course had to be different and I figured if I was going to listen to pop music I wasn’t going to wuss out. I was going to go hardcore and listen to Russian pop music, because what could possibly be better than faux-lesbian pop singers dressed as Catholic schoolgirls?

Nothing, that’s what, nothing beats that. Especially for a girl questioning her own sexuality as I was at that time.  I seriously dug t.A.T.u and I was crushed when I found out that the whole thing had been calculated to titillate and sell albums and Lena and Yulia were not actually lovers. The capitalist in me seriously applauds the whole thing now though. Good job on that.

t.A.T.u isn’t just famous for their hooks—the duo was also aggressively marketed as a pair of lesbian lovers. Ivan Shapovalov, the band’ s former producer and creator, apparently came up with the idea for t.A.T.u by visiting various pornographic websites and discovering the Internet’s passion for underage sex. Shapovalov figured that combining the young girl factor with an implied lesbian relationship was bound to turn a profit. While Yulia and Lena were eventually “outed” as heterosexuals, they were still perceived as gay icons, both in Russia and around the world.

The Daily Beast

Gay, so very gay.

Gay, so very gay.

But all of this begs the question of why was t.A.T.u. of all bands chosen to represent the Russian team’s entry into the Olympic arena?

With the issues of Russia’s current problems with gay people, what was the thought process behind choosing a song by a pop music duo that was made famous by promoting “gay propaganda” and isn’t even a current hit…the duo’s heyday was around a decade ago after all.

Despite Russia’s issues with gay propaganda it appears they have finally realized something about pop culture. Sex sells…especially lesbian sex.

Who cares if it makes them pandering hypocrites, but what else is knew?

At least I get to relive my fascination with hot Russian pop musicians.

Overall I call this a win.


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