Get Some Action This Valentine’s Day

Vday action

We’re eight days out, do you have plans for Valentine’s? If you do, congratulations! That’s great, I can’t wait to hear every single detail recounted on February 15th. If you don’t, welcome to the party, pal. So my fellow singletons, while your friends are out being obnoxiously adorable and taking pictures to document their evening on social media, why not opt for the finer things in life: delicious takeout, some wine, and a stack of action movies. While others seek refuge in romantic comedies for this holiday, I’ve always preferred to go with action movies, why? Because frankly, they’re more realistic. And let’s face it, wallowing will do nothing for you. I’ve broken this down into six categories.

Clint – As a lover of Clint Eastwood movies he’s the perfect Valentine for someone looking to avoid rom coms. In this case I go with Dirty Harry, a classic no matter who you are. Two Mules for Sister Sara, which is a new favorite of mine, but what’s not to love? Gallivanting through the desert with Shirley MacLaine as a nun. Once you’ve got a western and a Harry Callahan movie I figure there are two different paths to take. There’s The Beguiled, set during the Civil War and featuring Clint as an injured Union soldier who hides out in a Confederate girls school. There he proceeds to romance every woman and then has to face their wrath when they find out. Another route to take is Escape from Alcatraz, I feel like no reasoning is needed for this one, it’s just a great movie.

Rickman – Oh yes, Alan Rickman must make an appearance on my Valentine’s day. You all know what’s coming: Die Hard. While usually my favorite Christmas movie, I also like it for the February holiday. After this I tend to go for Quigley Down Under, an amazing western set in Australia with Alan Rickman going up against Tom Selleck, plus Laura San Giacomo is along for the ride. The night is rounded out with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Why? Because it’s fun. An alternate for the set is The January Man, a quirky film about a serial killer targeting the women of New York with a cast that include Kevin Kline, Harvey Keitel, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

90s Classics – In my opinion some of the best action movies came about during the 1990s. For this reason I always try to fit a few in. The go-to choice for this category is Face/Off from 1997 starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. In which Cage is a genius madman who accidentally killed Travolta’s son when aiming for him. They have a long term cat and mouse game, which ends in Travolta having a surgery in which he literally takes Cage’s face. Naturally the latter wakes and takes his nemesis face and life. It’s amazing. Just over the top 90s action amazing. Also in this selection I like to watch True Lies and Another 48 Hours. That’s right, I love Another 48 Hours, much more than the first one. Everyone should have a little Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy shooting their way through the streets of San Francisco on V-day.

Three Bonds Bond – James Bond is a staple of an action packed night. Personally I always chose one for each of my favorite three Bonds. Diamonds are Forever for Sean Connery, Live and Let Die for Roger Moore, and GoldenEye for Pierce Brosnan. A perfect lineup for those who like their action films to come with a plot and a little bit of romance.

Cunning Villainy – A new category for me this year, brought about by the amazing NBC show The Blacklist. James Spader plays Raymond Reddington, the concierge of crime, an alliterative name already equals a great villain. I’ve become very obsessed very quickly with this show. It has a fantastic plot, consistently thrilling moments, action (but not for the sake of being graphic), and James Spader. I cannot emphasis enough how amazing James Spader is in this show, new favorite villain that I root for.

House-of-Cards-Season-2-Poster.jpg Last Minute Addition – Just announced a few minutes ago, season two of House of Cards will be released on Netflix streaming on February 14th. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Not an action show, but it is a bit of a thrilling drama, perfectly acceptable. Frank has become VP; things are about to get real.

Now, I don’t consider this an anti-Valentine’s celebration because I love action movies and shows, it’s not done out of bitterness but rather enjoyment. After all, there’s no reason not to get a little action on Valentine’s Day.



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