Setting Boundaries Is Important


tweens_10_ways_to_establish_clear_boundariesPresident Obama was quoted saying that he has a pen and a phone and that he will use them if congress won’t take action. Yes, we all know that constitutionally that’s illegal.  Unfortunately, no one has set clear boundaries for Mr. Obama. His friends never corrected him. They let him do anything he wants. I would liken him to a bratty child, but I don’t want to stoop to name calling.

Executive orders were something that wasn’t brought up much for most of my life, but it seems in the last 10-15 years, I hear about them on almost a monthly basis. So I decided to see what an executive order really was. “United States Presidents issue executive orders to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself.” I understand this to mean, EOs are meant more as a managerial tool than outright law of the land. Definitely not to circumvent congress in the law making or legislation process itself. I wonder if Obama remembers that there are 3 branches of government. One being executive, which is him. Another one being the legislative branch being congress.

Then I thought, let’s look at how many executive orders each POTUS used. In total, almost 13,500 orders have been issued. Someone even decided to number them for our convenience.

So here is a graph to show you. You’ll notice that 3 presidents only issued 1 executive order each. While we had 4 presidents issue over a thousand EOs, one even went as far as issuing over 3,ooo!! I’ll let you guess who that was.

Captureclick to make readable


Some of the executive orders have been taken to the third branch of government, the Supreme Court, and have been ruled as unconstitutional. At this time, not a big or loud enough group have reminded the president were the boundaries are in his control. Only a few voices in congress have told him no. Supreme Court is the same way. There are times we need to step outside our comfort zones and remind those in the White House that they do not rule with an iron fist. They need to live by the same laws as everyone else. Boundaries must be drawn and enforced. Wait, the boundary was drawn in 1791 in this thing called the United States Constitution. So the boundary is in place, now we the people need to enforce it. Are we those people?

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