Obama and Israel: Friend Is Not the Word To Use


Giving credit where it is due, I have to thank the president for giving me the inspiration for this article. In fact. His comments from the State of the Union address from January 28th, 2014 were so fascinating that the opportunity could not be missed. Starting this off I will say this: Barack Obama is NOT a friend to Israel 

Ah Israel, the land of Milk and Honey, the promised land, a land of prosperity and peace–unless you count the terrorists. In his State of the Union Address Mr. Obama could not help but mention the subject of Israel (for all of two seconds). Here is what he said from the official transcript of his address:

As we speak, American diplomacy is supporting Israelis and Palestinians as they engage in difficult but necessary talks to end the conflict there; to achieve dignity and an independent state for Palestinians, and lasting peace and security for the State of Israel – a Jewish state that knows America will always be at their side.

Israel and Palestine/Israeli and Palestinians were mentioned a total of twice and you see all of it right above. Clearly, the president supports the safety of the Jewish state while advocating for peace and the creation of the Palestinian state. However, this is only the surface and anyone without a shred of knowledge on the subject would praise the president for his efforts. I am not those people.  That’s it! This little blurb is all he had to say on the subject. Sure his speech was long enough, but for a man who claims to be so dedicated to the peace process, this sure doesn’t go to prove that.

Barack Obama is no fried to Israel. The reasons for this should be as obvious as the crippling and ever rising debt of this country. But I will reiterate this again. All the way back in 2011 FrontPageMag published an  article titled Barack Obama’s Top Ten Insults Against Israel. Sadly the list is still relevant three years later.

Barack Obama has insulted Benjamin Netanyahu both to his face and behind his back. From leaving the man alone for hours during a White House visit, while the president went to have dinner with his family (without apology), to chatting about how irritating it is for him to work with Netanyahu in a “private” conversation with now former president of France, Nicolas Sarcozy. This continues as his lackey Kerry is condescending and patronizing to Israel’s leaders over the subject of peace.

One of my favorites was part of the President’s speech several years back where he stated that for the sake of peace, Israel should return to the pre-six-day-war, (pre-1967) borders. The ideas has been postulated by many a morons and is still a dumb idea, no matter how many people say it. Israel cannot give up Jerusalem, as it puts Israel in incredible danger and leaves it even more surrounded by enemies then it already is. Especially when there is no guarantee of safety from Fatah.

For a man who believes in two prosperous states he does nothing to make Israeli supporters feel confident in that message. The constant Kerry visits are almost nauseating. I think that Obama didn’t want another Hillary so he got Kerry and shipped him off to the Middle East so that he could be someone else’s problem. And by someone else’s I mean Israel’s. At this point even the Palestinians are sick of Kerry. Just today the JPost reported that Abbas is demanding that Kerry be tried by the ICC for threatening him.

Perhaps this is why Israel Defense Minister described Kerry as “obsessive and messianic”. Too much sun, or too much sand in his ears?  The administration viewed said words as offensive and demanded an apology. (jpost) Well…Israel tends to call it like it sees it. It is true to note that John Kerry is behaving much like a lunatic who wants world applause in any hopes of making a mark on history.

Mr. President’s disparaging remarks and general lack of actual knowledge of the issue, as well as rude and patronizing conversation to Israel’s leaders show me that I cannot trust this man with the safety of the only Jewish country in the world.

A man who truly stands by Israel would not support and arm the Muslim Brotherhood. Someone who truly cared about Israel’s safety would not demand that it abandons its own capital for the sake of a peace that may not happen. If he was so committed why does he ignore the countless damaging comments made by Abbas and like-minded people? Why is he so rude and patronizing to people like Benjamin Netanyahu and why is he so dismissive of threats against the Jewish nation that he claims to worry about?

Once again the president and his men demand, demand and demand again fro Israel to make sacrifices, but fails to get Fatah to make sacrifices for peace. Israel can no longer make sacrifices. As  American Thinker reported, Kerry and Obama’s solution to keeping the peace is to have,  ”drones and electronic sensors to monitor Israel’s border security”. Great.  But as, Israel’s Defense Minister states, those things are nice, of course, but they are no substitute for our brave Israeli Defense Force boys and girls. The Jordan Valley is a prime example of something Israel is NOT giving up.

But then, what can we trust from the president? He announced way back when that he was closing Guantanamo and woe and behold half way through his second term, Guantanamo game is still open. He told Americans that if we liked our healthcare plan we could keep it…..except for the 5 million people that have lost insurance. The president will have to forgive me when I say his words mean very little to people like me and the millions of Israelis that he will put in danger.

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