I, Frankenstein: As dumb as you think, but entertaining



I, Frankenstein

So I initially skipped this film last week but in light of a few good word of mouth reviews I went to go see I, Frankenstein which was better than I had hoped. I’m not going to go as far as to say good, but if you’re looking for mindless entertainment this is certainly more enjoyable on the big screen. I give it a C- maybe even a C, maybe.


Now this grade of C- might seem a little generous, but let me explain why.  The film was written by Kevin Grevioux, the same guy who created the story for the Underworld movies, and this film has the same virtues and glaring flaws as the Underworld films. Take a silly fantasy concept of two supernatural groups battling each other (in this case demons from hell vs. gargoyles who are there to protect humanity from demons), graft on theme far deeper than what you would expect for so shallow a tale, hire actors who would usually be in films of far better quality, then tell it through possibly some of the worst dialogue ever conceived. Finally, top it off with so really over the top visuals and battle scenes (although the images of flying around Notre Dame-esque gothic cathedral  are actually quite stunning).  And it is these themes that raise this film from the D it probably should have.


AdamIn the case of I, Frankenstein it is the search by Frankenstein’s monster (it pleases me that this movie actually understands Frankenstein is the scientist not the monster) who has taken to calling himself Adam (another reference to the actual book, it’s nice that despite its numerous plot holes, they clearly read the book), and is in search for the purpose of his life and the meaning of it.  Not that this theme is carried out particularly well, it’s not, but between it and the constant theme that his life is his own and he is the only one who can choose how to live it, it just has themes that seem heavier than the otherwise preposterous plot.  It makes me really wish someone who was better at writing dialogue was allowed to work on this script because there actually is some wasted potential here.


I’m not saying that this is a deep movie, or that I ever need to see it again, but it was fun.  Stupidly fun.  I didn’t regret the money for the ticket. The battle scenes were entertaining, the acting was as good as it could be given how bad the lines were, and they clearly set the whole thing up for a sequel.

Don’t rush to see this film, but if you really just want to see something it is satisfying as mindless fun.


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