I Don’t Belieb in Justin


#FreeBieber and #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin have been trending this afternoon… this is how it begins, isn’t it? This is how we will eventually arrive at the world in Firefly. America will no longer be a super power because our future generation is full of idiots. Currently a majority of this group is rallying behind a wannabe bad boy, demonstrating their support through misspelled Tweets and posts. As I scroll through the aforementioned hash tags I silently shake my head and mutter, “we are so screwed.”

At this moment Justin Bieber has 49,009,522 followers on Twitter. Many of those followers have taken to social media to champion their out on bail idol. There are those who are under the impression that Bieber is being persecuted because of who he is and nothing more. Others are creating artwork showcasing his mug shots while adding flowery song lyrics promising unconditional love and support. Currently there is also #CopsLiedAboutBieber appearing in the mix, in which the angry Beliebers condemn the police officers to hell for putting Justin through all of this.

This is what I consider to be the dark side of pop culture. This is where common sense and logic prove that they have completely disappeared in the mindset of star struck youth. I keep seeing tweets that assure Justin that everyone makes mistakes. This is true, but forgiveness ceases when the mistake is getting loaded then drag racing through the streets where innocent people might be hurt. I have absolutely no sympathy for people who choose to drive while intoxicated (alcohol, weed, prescription drugs). This is possibly one of the most selfish, ignorant, cruel decisions a person can make. When you get behind the wheel and go out on the road you are putting other people at risk. If you want to get high or drunk, that’s your own prerogative, but when you get in a car after doing so it’s like waving a loaded gun around a crowded room. It’s reckless and the fact that so many people are offering this pop punk support is alarming.

When I was young I loved the Backstreet Boys, that’s right, I said it. But some how I still managed to separate being a fan of something from reality. There was a disconnect when I was this age because there was no Twitter or Tumblr. You didn’t have the fandoms as they exist today. We weren’t completely immersed in pop culture, if you wanted to find likeminded people on the Internet you had to venture into chartrooms. I myself had a nice little group of fellow Gilligan’s Island fans. There was an awareness of a larger world outside of Spice Girls and whatever drama the members of the group were going through. Because of this when our idols went to rehab or were arrested it wasn’t the end of the world. It was just something that happened and had no real impact on what was happening in my life.

Perhaps it’s time for a social media blackout. Maybe take some time for school work; English class might be a good idea. Take a little time to find out what is happening in the rest of the world and discover that there are real atrocities occurring. A pop star being arrested for behaving carelessly is not one of them, it’s just another day in Hollywood.

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