12 Fashion Trends MeredithAncret Hates (But Apparently Some Idiot Put On A Runway Anyway)

So a lot of outrage (i.e. I’m a victim! Appease me!) has been going around on the internet over these articles like “23 Trends Guys Hate (But Women Love)”. I found out about this through my sister and I found it really funny.

A.) Because I didn’t like most of the things on that list either.

B.) Because what’s so freakin’ outrageous about men admitting they have preferences in what they find attractive?

Oh wait, patriarchy right? It’s misogynist because if a man says he doesn’t like something, he must secretly want to ban it.


So I like fashion and I have preferences in what I find attractive on women (though it varies from person to person) and I date women. So let’s see if it’s sexist when I make a list.

12 Fashion Trends MeredithAncret Hates 

1.) Over the thigh boots

report_5102_blk-3Are you a pirate, a dominatrix, or an extra in the Matrix?

Otherwise, please no.






2.) Huge fake eyelashes

eyelashextensionsYou like a bat landed on your face and is about to fly off with your eyeballs. Unless you are in costume or on stage, this isn’t necessary.





3.) Uggs

2630611-p-4xOne word for you…Ugh.

I used to own something similar to these when I was in elementary school…they were house shoes. Not sure who thought it was a good idea to make them into day wear.



4.) Huge hoop earrings

article-0-1BA17535000005DC-428_634x780How can you even physically function with these? I can’t even imagine how you don’t yank out hair (or your earlobes) with these things. I’m scared to touch you, let alone kiss you.





5.) Rompers

030909_02My niece wears these…my niece is 4 months old. You do the math.




6.) Metallic accessories

content_rockThese just look cheap and attention grabbing to me honestly…also very “80s” and that’s just awful, in my opinion.






7.) Leggings (as pants)

Why-not-to-wear2Leggings and tights are brilliant. I own more than a few pairs myself.

They are not pants.

They will never be pants.

It will never been normal or aesthetically pleasing to me to see a woman wearing leggings with boots and a t-shirt. Leggings are grouped into a section of clothing called “underwear” for a reason. They are meant to be warn under things, like dresses and skirts.


8.) Harem pants

meem 75WTF?

No really, what?

You look like you are smuggling something in your pants.

If you really feel the need to keep material that far from your vagina, then wear a skirt.



9.) Ripped up jeans

z7u1n3-lThe jeans that are so ripped up that they look like they will fall apart if I breathe on them wrong, let alone put them in the washer.


I don’t have a problem with a woman showing skin, but ripped jeans (especially if I can tell you bought them that way) are just a waste of money and clothing.



10.) Pointy toed shoes

gelka2They are uncomfortable, don’t pretend they don’t squish your toes, and impractical and just plain scary looking.




11.) High heeled sneakers



Go home.

You have managed to take two separate items, one meant to be aesthetically pleasing and one meant to be practical, and combined them into something that is neither attractive, nor practical.

12.) Peplum (the removable kind especially)

susan-styles-you-nauticoco-peplumf21Peplums I’m a little up in the air on. If they are part of the design of the clothing and they look good on you, then I don’t mind so much.

What really weirds me out are the removable peplums that you buy to add to an outfit. The outfit didn’t come with a peplum, it didn’t really need a peplum, but you have these velcro/snap/laced peplums that you just throw on with the skirt or blouse or dress.

It usually looks weird…but I mostly judge this on a case by case basis. (I just needed this to give me an even number…I’m OCD)


So that’s that. There’s the things I find truly unattractive in women’s fashion.

But here’s the thing.

If I like you and you occasionally wear fashion I don’t like or I think is silly, I’m still going to like you.

Don’t expect me to be less than honest if you ask me “does my butt look big in this” though.

I’m allowed preferences in my own clothing and I’m definitely allowed to have preferences in what I like to see on a woman. So what? Do I expect random women on the street to strip off the offending item right there because I think it looks stupid?


And I bet most men don’t expect that either.

Having a preferences does not make you a misogynist.

Get over it.


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  1. Love it, I agree with you on 99% of these. Though I do love over the knee boots. But What I don't get is why men aren't allowed to make a list like that, but women are constantly talking about how blank looks bad on a guy.

    • #BecausePatriarchy
      Or something like that I would suppose.

      It's basically just a continuation of the "nagging wife". We can criticize your clothes, but if you tell us our butt looks big then you are in the doghouse.

  2. Different people have their own opinion in fashion trends and it's best to remember to respect these opinions. If not, however would we be able to revolutionize and grow.

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