Calling People Fat is Wrong, Unless it’s a Man: AKA Why I Hate Jennifer Lawrence A Little Bit

"Unless you're a man, then screw that, you need some serious abs. Put down that donut Bale!"

“Unless you’re a man, then screw that, you need some serious abs. Put down that donut Bale!”

Just over a month ago Jennifer Lawrence said, in all seriousness given how she said it, that the media should be banned from using the word fat to describe people. She said that, like alcohol and cigarettes, the word should be regulated because it is harmful to children and is also a horrible way to make fun of someone.

This was in widely publicized interview with ABC news and while I abhor her belief in censorship “for the greater good” as it were, I could at least respect her view if she were consistent about following her own rules.

Sadly, she’s really not consistent at all.

After filming the movie American Hustle (in which Lawrence plays the manic depressive wife of Christian Bale’s leading man) the director, David Russell, talked about some of the things Jennifer said about the experience of playing the wife of the con man extraordinaire in the movie.

“‘I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he’s a really fat guy,'” Russell recalled Lawrence, 23, saying while filming the crime drama. She said: “‘He’s Fatman, not Batman.'”

US Weekly 


Are you as confused as I am right now?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just that she was having a blonde moment or didn’t think anyone outside the set would hear her comment or maybe she thinks that women are the only ones affected by how the media talk about them. It’s not like men have an ridiculous standards to live up to in Hollywood.

Because obviously men have no problem with their body image when seeing this.

Because obviously men have no problem with their body image when seeing this.

There’s just something about Lawrence’s self-righteousness that is starting to rub me the wrong way. Sorry Jenny, it’s not “quirky” or “different” anymore, it’s just hypocritical and bitchy, because apparently you only care about not shaming people’s body image as long as it doesn’t inconvenience your childish dream of making out with Batman.

It’s not that I think Christian Bale would be hurt by the comments. I’m sure he’s very comfortable with himself, as this is not the first time he’s done drastic weight changes for a part.

It’s not even that I find her comment hurtful and offensive. In fact, under normal circumstances, I would find that whole “fatman” comment quite funny…I have a rather immature sense of humor.

It is that I am getting really tired of Lawrence seeming to only use her acting career as an excuse to spout her version of feminism to the high heavens. I have gotten completely sick and tired of self righteous “I’m better than you because I talk about eating all the time. WOO COUNTER CULTURE!” bull.

Grow up Jennifer.

Okay fine, Christian Bale looked more like this:



Instead of this:



Boo hoo, poor you.

You know what though, he’s an actor who really works hard to portray a believable character for the viewers. He bulks up and works out, gains weight, or starves himself when needed, in order to deliver a realistic portrayal of what he is playing on the big screen. He’s gone to extreme (and, yes Jennifer, unhealthy) lengths for his art.

He isn’t the first to do so.

Michael Fassbender LITERALLY starved himself for a role (voluntarily I might add) because he was so dedicated to making the role (that of an IRA prisoner on a hunger strike) believable for the audience.

Anne Hathaway rapidly dropped 25 pounds in order to accurately depict the a sickly and starving Fantine in Les Miserables.

Is this healthy? No, it surely isn’t, but they will also be the first to tell you that if you ask them. They aren’t losing and gaining this weight because they want to enforce stereotypes on people or encourage young girls and boys to starve themselves (off the silver screen is another matter) in 99% of cases. They are doing it for realism, because it’s one thing to sit in a theater and watch a film that is clearly fake and quite another to sit in a theater where everyone from the director to the prop maker to the actors have gone above and beyond to make you feel what you are watching is real, to make you emotionally invested. *

I really respect what they do, because it shows they are dedicated to their job instead of some social justice cause, the way you show you clearly are when you refused to lose weight for a movie called “The Hunger Games” where the premise is entirely made up of the fact that everyone outside the Capital is starving.

Fine, that’s your choice, but don’t think you are somehow better than these other actors for taking that “stand”, especially when you turn around and crack jokes about a fellow actor being “fatman” while on set.

Would I feel like Hathaway was a terrible person if she came out with a “dieting” book after she made Les Mis, all about how to get as thin as a dying French prostitute?

Yeah, I would. I would be writing an article about that right now instead of writing one about you.

But they aren’t doing that! They aren’t encouraging that sort of abuse to people’s bodies, in fact most of them have talked about how dangerous what they did was and how it was only done with the help of a medical team or dietitian on hand at all times.

They do what they do for the love of making realistic art for viewers (and probably to win awards, I’m not kidding myself) not to tell people to diet more.

So, please, pack up the self righteousness. I’m sick of it. It was cute and quirky for the first 5 seconds, now you are just getting annoying.

You are a good actress, too bad you keep ruining it with what comes out of your mouth off stage.**


*Similar to my entertainment editor, I am SUPREMELY picky about realism in plots and movies. I blame him for this, naturally.

**She has the right to say whatever she wants, I have the right to thinks she’s a self-righteous bitch who is “slyly” insulting all of her co-workers all the time.


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  1. Great article. I agree!

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