Israel and Peace

Jerusalem, Wailing Wall and view of Temple Mount.

Peace, such a strange and desirable word. It is something people want, but not something easily achieved. Israel is in the midst of yet another attempt to fix their strife with the “Palestinians”. How does Israel feel about it?

Israel is a country struggling to achieve peace, even if it means giving up pieces of itself and its safety.

Peace is a very rocky and unstable business and attempting to mold peace where it is yet impossible is like a man trying to win a fight with a goat. Not smart, not effective, and will leave you with a giant headache. Since its creation, many a peoples have tried to fix the Israel/Arab turned Israel/Palestinian conflict. In some cases (see Egypt and Jordan) they were successful. But when it comes to the Palestinians it seems that peace is about as far away as the end of the world.

The reason for this is, is that Israel does not have a willing and reliable partner for peace. Instead, Israel has a whiny, attention seeking, demanding child that cries to the entire world’s cooing. This child demands things that Israel cannot rationally and realistically deliver.

One of those things, as pictured above, is the mighty and beautiful city of Jerusalem. This incredibly city just happens to be the capital of Israel, the one and only Jewish nation in the world. Jerusalem was deemed the capital of the Jewish nation long before 1948 by King David.

After the war for Israel’s independence 1948-1949, Jordan began occupying the eternal capital of the Jewish people.  Let’s just say that the city, particularly the old quarter, and the Wailing Wall, were not kept in prime condition. In 1967, during the mighty and rather short six-day-war, Israel pushed the Jordanians back, and reclaimed Jerusalem, among other victories.

Notice how the Palestinians are rather absent from the events of Jerusalem. The reason for this is simple. They never had Jerusalem and it was never the capital of a Palestinian nation as there was never a Palestinian nation. More to the point, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated on multiple occasions that Israel will never give up Jerusalem for peace.

Abbas and those who agree with him want Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state, to the point where they’ve gone as far as to say that Jews have no claim to Jerusalem at all….despite centuries upon centuries of theological and historical evidence to the contrary. They have gone to great lengths to convince the world of this, which is shameful all together. They know Israel will not deliver, but it works well as an impossible demand, which then can then claim Israel does not want peace because it did not deliver.

The irony of it being that most Palestinians living in Jerusalem actually prefer Israel over the future Palestinian state. And why not? Israel is a free country they have jobs, healthcare, their children have access to education, and a chance to better their lives. What’s not to like?

Israel has constantly tried to seek peace with their Arab neighbors. This includes releasing terrorists held in Israeli prisons, be they robbers, murderers or your run of the mill terrorists. First it was just Palestinian prisoners, now Abbas wants the release of all Arab prisoners. Abbas wants a little too much. Releasing terrorists has never really ended well for Israel seeing as how after they’re released and welcomed back as martyrs and heroes, they go right back to trying to kill Israelis…again.

The Jewish state needs to get its chutzpah back, for lack of a better word, and stand strong, sticking to their own principles. Bowing to the whims of terrorists and their supporters will not end well and will continue to put Israel in further danger.

To quote former Prime Minister, may she rest in peace, Golda Meir, “Peace will come to the Middle East when Arab mothers love their children more than they hate us”. Peace cannot be achieved when suicide bombers are trained and hatred and destruction of another group of people is being encouraged.

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