What Happened To ‘Mind Your Own’?


I’ve been noticing a growing phenomenon is the American culture where we get in each other’s faces over things that really have nothing to do with their personal being. Just look at social media. We get caught up in what other people are doing and forgetting to do things ourselves. I’ve seen people harping on things for days (sometimes weeks) about things that someone did that don’t directly impact their lives. Don’t get me wrong, in the case of the Melissa Harris-Perry gaffe about Mitt Romney’s child, I did chime in. I didn’t call her names, I simply told her she needed Jesus & that she needs to get right with God. I maybe spent an hour upset about it. The point is I didn’t let it run my life. I didn’t call for her to be fired. I said my peace and went on with life.Mind-your-own-business-300x225

In the news yesterday I saw that the federal court building in Oklahoma City  is getting a new statue. Its a statue of Baphomet (a version of Satan). Which I could really couldn’t care less about. Federal building and the freedom of religion. I can understand people not liking the 10 commandments being posted there. I mean only 3 or 4 of them are laws, like no stealing, lying, or murdering. What gets me about this, is the group that wants this statue at the court house is from New York. If a group from the state of Oklahoma wants it there, I would have absolutely no problem with. This group is from way out of state, now I have a problem. Here’s why. I live in a small town in Michigan. I would hate if people from Detroit wanting to put something up in my community that doesn’t really go with my town’s values.

I don’t agree with what some communities do, but I don’t live there. There’s a reason I live where I do. Why bother other communities because they don’t see the world the same way you do? To me its like when a group of atheists from Wisconsin sued a city in North Carolina over prayer. The atheists believe there should be no prayer in any government meeting because of separation of church and state. I believe its up to the community to decide, not a group from another state.

I believe certain things should stay local. I refuse to tell someone in another state how to live their lives. The only time I would intervene is if someone was being physically hurt. Which it should be. We need to back the boundaries in our lives. We can disagree on a litany of things in life, but we shouldn’t always interfere, putting our nose into every crevice of others’ lives. We need to start minding our own, only stepping in when someone is hurting another. There would be less gossip, less stress which would equal more happiness. Isn’t that what we should be in pursuit of anyway?


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