January’s Word of the Month


I’ve decided for 2014, I will do a word of the month. Part educational, part challenge. I want to use this platform to educate. I also like to challenge myself. So without further ado, the word of the month.


January’s word is HOMEOSTASIS.

Homeostasis is a medical term. Taken from the Greek, homoios, which means similar and stasis, which means stands still. Homeostasis  is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. In simplified terms, keeping everything in balance.


You’ve learned a new word. Now here comes the challenge, to make this word fit a political blog.


For the last century in America we have lost any sort of balance we had in government and the free market. I know we will never have true balance, but I’d like to get closer. With liberty and freedom comes risk. For some reason, the vocal part of decided on safety over freedom. That meant the federal government would control our safety. They also decided that no one should be in pain & suffering or go without anything, but instead of doing private charity, they gave control over to the state.

As you can tell by the diagram,  this gives us an imbalance of power. When people live a perpetual state of imbalance, they act out in unspeakable ways. The human mind & body cannot stand being out of whack. It will try anything to try to get back into balance. Currently, we have let our federal government out of whack. The citizenry of America can feel it. So the result is fighting among ourselves to gain any resemblance of secure footing. So the question is on how regain homeostasis in America, do we start with the federal government or with ourselves?

Challenge accepted & passed!


**Author’s note: If you have a challenge word you like me take on this year, tweet it to me @beautiflywings.

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