Abbas and the Peace Talks


Fatah members giving the Nazi solute.

Last time I talked about Kerry and his peace plan, this time, let us look at Mahmoud Abbas. The supposed president of this so called Palestinian state has had a few things to say on the matter of the peace plan.

For decades the Palestinian mantra of a peace agreement has been generally the same. Sadly, it looks like very little has actually changed.

With Fatah members doing the Nazi solute at rallies it seems like peace is just as far away as it was ten years ago.

As reported by the Times of Israel’s article Palestinian Red Lines Make Chances of US-mediated Settlement Slim  the chief of negotiations for the Palestinians, Saeb Erekat  stated that Abbas said President Obama a letter outlining several points…r…stipulations for a peace agreement.

This letter emphasizes that the mantra continues. Here is what the Time of Israel wrote and what Abbas said in this letter:

“…Firstly, we will not be able to accept Israel as a Jewish state,” Abbas wrote, according to Erekat.

“Secondly, we will not be able to accept a Palestinian state with 1967 borders without Jerusalem. Thirdly, we will not be able to accept any Israeli on Palestinian land, sea, air and border crossings following the completion of the gradual withdrawal.”

A fourth precondition reportedly set by Abbas was the instatement of the so-called “right of return” for potentially millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to Israel.

“I will not be able to accept any solution that does not grant the refugees their right to the possibility to return and be compensated as per UN Resolution 194, as well as one that does not allow for the release of prisoners,” Abbas reportedly wrote.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting emotion as to what they expect. On the one hand they want a Palestinian state. But who is that

Secretary of State John Kerry with Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the PA

state for? Based on their desire for Palestinian right of return to Israel, not the Palestinian State, but Israel it means that any Palestinians outside of the PA control and Hamas controlled areas are not included.

By that logic the PA does not have to accept Israelis, but the Israelis have to accept Palestinians into their country, a fair deal this does not make. Abbas has made it clear on multiple occasions that he will never accept a single Israeli on the land of his nation. This was reiterated above and only goes to reinforce the idea that peace is pretty one-sided.

Now, they also want Jerusalem as their capital, which is rather problematic seeing as Jerusalem is already the capital of Israel and they want the 67 borders, with the Jordan Valley under their control. Israel and Jordan together do not want to give the Palestinians control of this area.

All of this leads to the ultimate, “We will not accept a Jewish state”. Abbas somewhere very deep down maybe wants peace, but he certainly wants it on his terms, and his way. How can Israel hope for a partner in peace when that partner is not willing to compromise and try to negotiate. Instead, in a childlike manner, Abbas seems to be stomping his feet, screaming, “NO NO NO!”

Now these conditions, according to the article were sent to the rest of the Arab league. This means that their claim to Kerry about reaching consensus may not be as wonderful of a thing for Israel as Kerry makes it out to be. The original problem of peace remains. It cannot happen until both sides want peace and are willing to compromise for it.


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