De Blasio: Ruining New York City For Everyone

Horse drawn carriage - Vienna

No more jobs for horses, don’t worry, I hear the glue factory is painless.

Let me tell you about my first visit to New York City*. It was during Thanksgiving of 2008 and I went with my family because my sister was in the parade…if you have to ask me which parade then you are clearly not American.

It was cold, it was dirty, the rats were larger than my cat, but the people were friendlier than expected and the subway wasn’t that bad to navigate and the apartment we stayed in next to Central Park was adorable.

So there was good with the bad, just as there is with any city.

If this had been pre-Giuliani New York City my family would not have stepped foot there, no matter how much sister begged to be in the parade. It just would not happen.

The good just does not outweigh the bad in that scenario.

Now New York City is well on it’s way to returning to the practices of pre-Giuliani NYC and it’s going to be fascinating to see how long it takes the city to devolve.

Nothing could convince me that a trip to NYC, after De Blasio takes over, would be an optimal decision for my health. I’m scared enough in my own city for heaven’s sake.

Not the mention the De Blasio is on the war path against horse drawn carriages and probably most other iconic and classic emblems of New York City tourism.

Yeah, you goofed up New York City. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see how this whole mess affects your tourism and crime rates.

Maybe next time you won’t elect a socialist.


*my most recent visit was a 15 minute frantic dash through JFK to a connecting flight, that doesn’t count. Though JFK is the level of hell that Dante forgot in the Inferno.

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  1. Glad I had the chances to see NYC when I did. It was clean & for the most part, people were friendly. Can't pay me enough to go back now.

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